. When will all of this cease ?

When one of us falls.

But why must you fight ? Can’t you make it stop ?

No, the gears are moving and they can’t be stopped. Our destiny is sealed my love.

What if we ran away ? We could escape from all this !

I can’t. I have to stay and stop him before he succeeds in his madness.

Then I’m leaving…

Why ?

I can’t… I can’t stand here doing nothing, I can’t bear to see you kill each other… I’m leaving. I cannot be a witness to that, I cannot be part of that. I refuse…

And our precious… ?

They will take care of him. I’ll explain to them, they will understand.

You are my star, my flame, my sun… I cannot live without your warmth,you are the light guiding me through darkness…

If I stay, I will be a spectator of your end, of your downfall… No, I refuse to suffer more than I already do… I love you.

I love you so much…


Goodbye Sophia…

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