Light in darkness


Light in darkness, darkness in light

This is a supernatural story that I thought about a year ago after hearing people talk about a video game project they had. The plot for the video game was really interesting and twisted, as I love them, but it missed something, something small but that would have made an even better plot in my opinion. I thought about it and came out with a solution : change the plot a little and twist it here and there to add some more mystery. It seemed quite a good idea when I thought about it so I thought : why not write it on paper ? And I wrote a simple but efficient summary that would later grow inside my mind and become a more complicated and detailed version of the story.

Finally I was scared of forgetting what I had imagined and I wrote down my ideas, which later lead to fully writing the three first chapters. Today I am starting to post them on this blog, hoping you will appreciate them (you don’t have to, but I just hope it became something good) and that I will have the courage to continue writing them as often as I want.

So before you start reading here is a little “avant goût” of what it’s going to be like, a little summary to quench your thirst of reading ! ;) (Oh, and the full title is Light in darkness, darkness in light, but I couldn’t write it up there on the menu ’cause it’s a bit too long)

Darkness and silence are the only thing left. Nothingness is everything here. I don’t remember my name, I don’t know where I come from nor where I am. Why, where and even who are questions that remain without answers. The only thing I know for sure is I have to get out of here, I have to find her. Don’t ask me who “she” is, I don’t know… The only certitude I have is that she is somehow important to me, and that without her I wouldn’t be alive today. I also know that she is in danger, that is why I have to get out of this hellish place and soon. Darkness is everything here but I survive, I manage because I know somewhere deep down that she desperately needs me and that only she can give me the answers I seek. She is my only hope, she is my buoy in this sombre ocean, she is my shield against madness…


1 – Darkness

2 – Light

3 – Blood red

4 – TBA


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