The voices in my head

Since I was a little boy I remember hearing them. Well, actually, not them but it. A voice in my head. Most of the time it was not much louder than a whisper, though on some rare occasions it did get annoyingly noisy up there but that usually didn’t last long, so I couldn’t tell if it was a male or female voice. I have to admit that at the time I didn’t really care (I was only about four years old after all), I had always lived with it and I got used to it over time. In the beginning, when I my parents understood that I was hearing things they went to see a specialist, they explained the situation and they were told it could be bipolarism or hallucinations. They examined me countless times, doing physical and psychological tests, they thought I either had a bad eating regimen or a surplus of some metal in my body, then they searched for signs of psychological trauma, but nothing seemed wrong, I just heard some strange voices that I couldn’t understand. They did look around my ears to see if there was something wrong with them, they also did a brain scan but my hearing and understanding where normal so they abandoned the subject. After almost two years of tests and no signs of either improvement or degradation of my condition my parents said they wanted to drop the matter. I walked, spoke and understood as well as a child my age and the voices didn’t seem to bother me, I did still complain from time to time but as I grew I learned to block it out and to not even notice it anymore. I stopped talking about it around my twelfth birthday and my parents only asked me about it from time to time. I was healthy, both physically and mentally, and as long as the voices didn’t bother me, that was what mattered to them.

It’s been five years since then and I am still fine. What I didn’t tell my parents though is that from time to time I still listen to the voices, or should I say the voice in my head, and I try to understand what it says. It comes and goes, never following a pattern. Sometimes I can discern sounds, sometimes not. I got used to it but that doesn’t mean that I’m not still a bit curious, and the fact that I can’t understand what it says really piques my interest. I’ve been trying to determine what language it could be but after comparing the few “words” I remember hearing my search was inconclusive. It’s definitely not English, not Spanish or French either, it’s not Chinese or Japanese, nor is it Swedish, Swahili, Russian or even Arabic (see my list for more details on that). It does share some sonorities with each of these languages but none of the words I’ve heard match, and that bugs me a lot. Lately I’ve let it go a bit, that doesn’t mean I’ve given up on my research but I’ve put a halt to it to prioritize on other things in my life. Other things like studying for school, spending time with Bryan or play sports. I don’t know if I’ll be able to find out what it says, I don’t even know if it’s saying something coherent or if it’s a complete creation of my slightly twisted mind, but I’ll keep searching and maybe, just maybe, one day I’ll find out something interesting…

As he wrote the last dots that concluded the first entry in his diary Alexandre put down his pen and looked back at the sheets of paper that were sprawled before his eyes on his wooden desk. That morning he had decided on a whim to write a journal about his life, there was no real reason he had started writing about himself, he just did. He knew that it probably wouldn’t last and that the next day he wouldn’t even write the second one but he had done it anyway. He sighed lightly and looked at the window, the sun was still coming up over Echo Valley and the sky was almost devoid of clouds. Nice, he thought with a smile, today’s weather seems good! The past week had been only rain falling over the town all day and all night, it felt good to finally see the sun again. The sixteen years old teenager stood up and walked up to his wardrobe, leaving the papers lying on the desk. H opened it and took out a white tee shirt and a pair of jeans as well as some underwear. He threw them on his bed before closing the wardrobe and taking off his pajamas to get dressed more properly. Maybe I’ll go see Bryan, he must have finished his morning routine by now.

Bryan Vogt was Alexandre’s best, and slightly taller, friend since middle school. He was a year younger as he had skipped a class but still well over five centimeters taller than his friend, and to accompany this height he had muscles to show off. That was due to the martial arts training he was following since his youngest age, he lived with his parents in a dojo that offered teachings in various martial arts. He used to be home-schooled when younger but his parents thought that going to school normally would be a good experience for him. He had been assigned to the same class as Alexandre and both of them quickly became friends. Bryan had dark hair and brown eyes that were slightly darker than his toned skin. He always seemed to be smiling and didn’t hesitate to help those who needed his help, that’s what had made him unanimously popular amongst the girls of the school and a bit less popular with the other guys precisely because of that. That was also one of the reasons that Alexandre and him had become good friends, the tall brunette had seen how the then shorter light haired boy was spending most of his time alone and he had taken upon himself to greet him. Alexandre had then discovered hidden facets of his personality thanks to Bryan, he was quite funny when he wanted to, easy to chat with and he did not have nearly as much problems as he had first imagined when trying to talk to other people, especially girls. He had been used to being the fun but quirky kid with almost sandy hair but since that time he had grown a lot and had become much more open. They were proudly called the infamous duo everywhere they went.

But what had really piqued Alexandre’s interest about his tanned friend was a very different reason than what any exterior observer could have ever given, something that not much people, including him at first, would believe. Indeed, Bryan Vogt was a werewolf. He was the son of a werewolf and could transform into a huge wolf-like, and quite dangerous, creature at will though it mostly happened during full moons as he tried to keep the fact that he could turn into a murderous animal at any time a secret from everybody. Including his best friend. Alexandre had discovered this fact completely by chance during the first summer since they had become friends. He had found some strange animal fur on Bryan’s clothes and had thought at first that he was hiding some kind of wolf in the woods where he had seen him run off a few times. Following his instincts he had of course followed his friend one evening after school and had managed to indeed catch a glimpse of a furry beast running off into the woods. But what he had failed to notice, and what he discovered a few weeks later after following Bryan repeatedly, was that it was in fact his friend who turned into a wolf. His limbs got larger and longer, his body quickly got covered by thick dark fur and his eyes took a yellowish glint as he crouched on all four before running off into the distance, leaving his friend stunned and shocked, unable to move for a few minutes after that.

Of course, Alexandre had never told anybody about that, not even Bryan himself. He had understood very quickly that his friend would surely not want his secret being revealed like that, even if it scared him to know that about his friend. He had simply taken a few precautions when they were together so as to help Bryan hide his secret without anyone noticing, helping him when he seemed to lose control. But the young man had never really feared for his life, after all he trusted his best friend as much as he was fascinated by him. Alexandre had done some research on the internet to get to know how to react if anything happened, he had learned quite a lot but most importantly: one could never be completely sure to be safe in company of a werewolf. He didn’t care though, he trusted Bryan. As time had passed the brown haired young man had learned to live with that fact and to become quite used to it. He saw the world a bit differently, his mind had opened to many new possibilities and concepts he would have previously refuted or at least doubted. He couldn’t help but imagine a world filled with mythical creatures coming to life and appearing in the streets of Echo Valley. Bryan and him had then spent most of their time growing up together, having as much fun as possible, welcoming new friends from time to time to expand their group. Some had remained, others had moved on with their life, but the infamous duo had kept close through it all and they probably always would. At least that was what Alexandre thought before she had waltzed in their lives. But that had only been the beginning, after that everything had changed, their lives had become… much more interesting.

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