The Characters

Thrista Daener

Thrista is a sixteen years old man who travels across the continent of Ore to train to master Empirium with the ultimate goal of participating to the Sages’ Tournament one day. At the beginning of the story he arrives at Eneleïa just in time for the wedding of the princess Siléna after two years of travel in Ore and Simeriah. He is quite tall, he has rather short dark hair and brown eyes.


Silena Dastaan

She is the heir princess to the kingdom of Tebor, to the far east of the continent of Ore, and the daughter of queen Lena and king Marco. She is 21 years old, has long golden hair and blue eyes, which she inherited from her father, but coupled with a tanned skin she inherited from her mother. She had a very strong character and is known for doing what she wants.



Hannah has been hired as a body-guard with her partner, Todd, to keep an eye on the princess and prevent any harm directed towards her during her wedding. She is nineteen,  quite tall, has semi long raven black hair, green eyes and is reserved. She doesn’t talk very much most of the time and one does not want to make her angry for she has a very strong character and a fiery temperament.



Todd is a twenty years old man with short blonde hair and eyes in between blue and grey. He is also a body-guard like his partner and has been tasked with the princess’s protection for the duration of her wedding. He is the son of a horse breeder family and has been travelling with Hannah for a few years now.


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