The Continents

Eire_color_names_cities_03Map of Eire

(first draft – incomplete)

As you can see on this draft of the map of Eire that I made it is divided in three major continents : Ore, Simeriah and Belenos. The story takes place on the continent of Ore and starts in the city of Eneleïa to the far east.


Ore :

It’s the smallest of the three continents and the closest to The Crest, a vast land covered only by ice and snow as the travellers who went there and came back say. It is divided in two parts and an archipel of islands to the south that surround the kingdom of Galaeda in the center.

It is mostly known as the Alliance of Ore, a political system based on the cooperation of most of the countries of the continent.

Simeriah :

Simeriah is said to be the oldest land to have emerged from the seas and the cradle of life, where the first people appeared and started to travel the earth. This legend is at the origin of its name as it symbolizes the moment just before the birth of an individual in its people’s language.

Belenos :

Belenos is the largest but also the most deserted continent of the three, it has a number of settlements and large cities in its northern part, closer to the Karnines Islands. Its southern part though, beyond the low and rocky mountains that separate the north from the south, is a barren land where nothing can grow.

It is said to have long ago been the territory of the Aurellian empire, the most powerful empire to have ever existed before it disappeared almost a thousand years ago. The southern part has been mostly abandoned since then and is not very well-known, it is called the Sea of Sands and is said to have been cursed by the gods.


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