The Divinities


She is the deity of wisdom, peace and combat. It is said that in the beginning she was a simple mortal woman, mother of two children, but that she was made into a goddess after her death as she had dedicated her life to helping those in need and those who were too weak to survive on their own. Her commitment to the good cause is due the death of her two children, defending the oppressed and giving them means to live as they wished and hoped. She perfected her empirium centered on the counter attack, which was mainly magic, and used the power of water to fight but never to attack, only to defend. She even paid the ultimate price to save a young couple from the barbarians who were attacking the city of Eneleïa during the first invasion wave. She is revered in many places as a symbol of bravery, courage and altruism.


Esselia is the goddess of sacred union, promises and destiny. Her benediction will bring luck and happiness but betraying a promise or a trust, especially if it was made in her name, can signify one’s doom. She was the first wife of Oriandre but he broke his promise of undying love by courting a mermaid, Esselia left him and cursed him to not be able to ever have children. She keeps an eye on the honor of each man and woman and favors their destiny depending their actions.


Cina is a deity who’s gender and origins are unknown. Its role is to protect the hearth and the family. It is sais that when Cina looked upon the lifeless body of Echyde, a tear ran on his/her cheek and sealed the promise to never let any more misfortune descend upon his home.


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