The world of Eire


‘The world of Eire is huge, some even say it never ends, and none to this day had reached its end. Some say that wherever you may go you will either find the ocean, or rather the ocean will find you, or a land that only the lost or the brave dare to walk upon, for one must be immensely courageous to dare go where the earth ends, where everything becomes dust once more and where it  falls into Oblivion. Once gone, they never come back.’

– Romuald of Oracia.

It is with those that starts the great Compendium of the land of Eire, an immense collection of all the knowledge passed on from generation to generation and it is with those words that I will start the description of the world that I have imagined.

First of all, as you may have already read the world Of shadow and feathers takes place in is called Eire, this name is inspired by the name of Ireland in Irish. I chose it because it inspires me both on the sound level, I simply love how it sounds, and because it has a magical, mystical dimension in my mind.

Eire, in the olden language of the story (an ancient langauge spoken by a long gone people), literally means ‘that where man stands’ and describes  the entirety of the world, whether it is known or yet to be. The world of Eire is immense and none knows where it ends and where Oblivion starts, some even believe it has no end.

The story takes place mainly on the continent of Ore in the beginning but aside from it there are two other continents known to the people of Eire : Simeriah, said to be the cradle of life, to the north-east and Belenos, the fire land, to the south-east.

–> See “The Continents


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