Welcome to Day 1 !

Hello people of the interwebs !

I am very proud to introduce my new website to you and to start publishing my stories on it !

As some of you may already know, this is not my first website, but as decided to start over in writing my stories (Forging and Of Shadow and Feathers) I also decided to invest in a new website. I wanted to start over both in terms of content as in container, I wanted to unite both of the stories I was writing and to gather all the other projects I had in mind on a single platform, and this is what I’ve started doing since yesterday.

The day before today was the true “Day 1” of this new chapter in my adventure but it is only since today that I’ve started shaping the website and publishing the stories. You may have noticed, or maybe not, that this time there are a few more projects that I’m publishing. Most of them are still in the process of writing and the reason I’m putting them online is to share them, even though they are incomplete, and their growth with you.

There will be a number more as time passes, at least two or three more that I should update regularly. The reason to that is quite simple in fact : as I write I pass from idea to idea and from story to story. Each one of the stories I write interests me deeply but I sometimes get writer’s block when I’m working on a single project too long, that’s why I try to vary my writing and therefore why I will work on many projects at the same time.

What I hope to achieve is to publish chapter at a regular pace, I’m thinking of at least once a week at the moment, which means one chapter for a single story in seven days. It should be doable. I might even get more efficient as time passes as I often like to write different stories at the same time.

The aim of publishing my novels online is to, of course, share them with you and to get reviews on what I’m doing well, what I still have to work on, what you like, what you don’t and what you think of the overall thing. Its also partly to motivate me to write more and more often so that at least one of my stories will be finished before my death !

I chose the form of web-novels, like web-comics but with novels, because it is a lot easier than to completely finish one’s work and then to try and have it published. This way I can offer you something even as my work is still in progress and also it’s a lot easier for you to tell me how you feel about the stories. Plus it’s free !

Anyway, I’ll try to do my best and to be fast and regular in the publications. I will also work on the whole lore and the different  universes I imagined to give you a description of what I have in mind. This will surely be useful to you readers. Finally I’ll try to keep you updated about how I work and how things are going so that you won’t remain in the dark.

I truly hope that you will enjoy reading what my imagination has to offer you and I wish you a good stay on Tales of Ore !

Don’t hesitate to comment or contact me if you have things to say !

Soar Vandergeid


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