Quotidian n°1

Five days into this new adventure. Yay !

This is just to give a few updates on the stories here.

I just updated Echoes of Power, chapter 1 part I is now online, part II will be here soon. I wanted to add the whole chapter at first but I realized it would take me a lot more time to finish it so I decided to publish it in two parts for the moment and to add the second one later on. Part II should be here by the end of next week I believe, if everything goes smoothly. You can enjoy the beginning of the beginning of the story here if you want ! ;)

The Hero’s Mask : Forging already has two chapters published, number three is well on the way and should be here soon (probably in the beginning of next week). I think it’ll be he story that gets the most updates in the next few days and weeks.

Tales of Ore : Of shadow and feathers has not been updated at all since I started this website, I haven’t written it in some time but I do plan to get back to it soon, chapters n° 2, 3 and 4 are almost done, I just have to check them again for mistakes and plot incoherences so that means that once I get to it they will be published quickly and in a short timeframe. I just need to get back into it.

As for the rest, I’m working slowly but surely so updates will come ! ;)

As of today I don’t know how I’m going to proceed, if I decide to publish a chapter from a story I’m writing at random or if I focus on one and try to update it as much as possible… I don’t know. I might do that (the focusing thing) on The Hero’s Mask for now but we’ll have to see. Tell me what you prefer and I’ll do my best to do that ! (I’d really like to know which story you wish to read more of, which one you prefer or which one interests you the most from what little you’ve read !)

From now on, as the name of the title indicates, I’m going to try to post updates about the advancement of the stories but also about my thoughts of the day or random things each day. It’s something I have trouble to do so it will be a good way for your to keep updated as well as a good exercise for me.

I hope you enjoy reading my stories, see you later alligators !

Soar Vandergeid


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