Quotidian n°3

Man, it’s hard to find ideas to talk about in a daily post already… I’m I at my limit after only three days or am I just not inspired today?

So the news of today are simply this : the third chapter of The Hero’s Mask: Forging is online as promised, you can read it here!

Also I published a few poems about Game of Thrones that I had started writing a few months back and that I finally GoT (hehe, se what I did here, GoT/Game of Thrones, haha, I’m so funny) around to finishing. You can read them here, I hope you enjoyed or that you will enjoy reading them!

This afternoon I didn’t write much, I’ll do that this evening I think, if I don’t spend too much time watching ZeratoR‘s show (he’s an awesome French streamer, he makes videos of himself playing video games, a bit like Pewds, but he’s French and awesome!) or playing League of Legends, which is strangely the game to which I’ve played for the longest time without becoming bored of it.

Instead I went for a walk outside after coming back from seeing my girlfriend, it was really nice, the weather was good all day (well mostly good, at least it didn’t rain while I was outside) and it felt good to go and take a stroll with some music playing in my ears. I live near the sea so being able to enjoy a walk on a fine day like this with good music and very few things to worry about was very agreeable. Getting back to reality after that was not as pleasant but it was worth it nonetheless.

I also started looking around the WordPress blogging community more, I’ve found a few blogs that have piqued my interest, I’ll have to go and see what they are about in the next few days. I do that both to satisfy my curiosity and need for reading and also to connect with other people and to get them to know about me and my blog. I’m not doing this to just get viewers, I also hope to get some reviews on the story I’m writing to know if they are good and what I could do to improve my writing.

Lastly, ’cause I don’t want to make this post too long today, I watched The Hobbit : The desolation of Smaug yesterday, it was good. Not as good as the first Hobbit movie in my opinion, especially with that ending that leaves you wanting to see the next movie,  but still a good movie to watch. What makes me prefer the first Hobbit movie, if you must ask, is mostly the story itself, which was a bit plain here, the special effects that were a bit more noticeable than in the previous one and the ending that is somewhat of a flat note and just leaves you wanting to see the rest. But other than that I really enjoyed watching it and I can’t wait to watch Battle of the five armies. Plus I want to see more of that Tauriel/Kili lovey-dovey thingies with Orlando Bloom sulking in the background, that was strangely satisfying to watch as he usually gets the girl. (Not that I don’t like Legolas, he’s badass and really awesome to watch when with Gimli! x) )

Anyways, yesterday and today were cool, I hope you guys had a good time too, I’ll see you later with chapter 1 part 2 of Echoes of time soon, don’t worry! ;)


One thought on “Quotidian n°3

  1. I am down with all the Hobbit movies, on a rainy day, cold, snowy as heck day, I could stay in and rock out to a Lord of the Rings Trilogy.


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