Quotidian n°4

“Nothing to report sir, today is another calm day at sea.” – No pirate of the Caribbean ever.

Indeed, today I have nothing much to say about my blog activity, I’m working on part 2 of the first chapter of Echoes of Power so that should be ready for tomorrow (for your greatest pleasure of course!). But apart from that, no posts or uploads scheduled for today except for this number four of the daily Quotidian, there might always be something I think up on the spot or a sudden idea that pops up during the day but right now, nothing.

This is why I hesitate to post the Quotidian during the day or at the end of it, I want to be able to sum up what I’ve done but I also want it to be about the present day and to be read today instead of tomorrow. I don’t know what is best and I can’t decide how I want to play it. Perhaps I’ll post it at different times, depending on the days, that could be a solution. So, yeah, I guess I’ll have to deal with that…  It’s not much but it still annoys me a little bit.

Instead of talking about updates then let’s talk about me. You may have already read the presentation of myself I did on my about page but it is not complete yet, it’s far from it actually. So, here, have some more info about me.

Let’s start by the basics, I live in France, I’m 20 years old, around 1m86 in height. I love writing, reading, listening to music, watching movies or TV series. But what I love most about that is the joy of discovering and experiencing a story, that’s part of why I write, because I enjoy the stories I imagine so much I want to read them, and someday share them too. I enjoy video games, mostly League of Legends right now, Minecraft too and some Trackmania, this is mostly because I can play with other people. But I do also like solo or local games like SSBU on Wii U (Wii U powa!), The legend of Zelda, Pokemon (on my DS lite) and many games by Nintendo. I also liked Halo a lot but sadly I don’t have an Xbox… I do enjoy some GTA now and then, blowing up stuff and shooting people is fun!

As I told you a little bit yesterday too, I also enjoy watching streamers play video games and watching video game competitionsomlette-du (like the LCS with LoL). The main streamers I follow are Pewds, ’cause I’m a bro, and ZeratoR, ’cause he is funny, crazy and French. But I do enjoy watching CinamonToastKen, Corobizar (also French and crazy), Keyori, LilyPichu and more (can’t list them all here, too long).

As you may have guessed I also spend a lot of time on the internets reading fanfictions, looking at memes, watching videos on the Youtube and trolling around or being trolled. I sometimes try myself to do these things (just go and take a look at my Youtube channel and you’ll see), though I always com back to writing.

I read a lot of mangas (and I mean a lot, I tried making a list once, I had more than a hundred titles and it wasn’t even close to being finished), though I don’t watch much anime, I prefer the book format, much quicker to go through (don’t worry, I’ll explain that some other time with One Piece and Naruto as examples). I spend a lot of time looking through new titles and old ones that I haven’t read yet, ’cause it’s fun. And I can tell you this : there is a lot of fucked up shit out there, but it’s worth it!

 Of course, I also like doing sport and things outside, I’m not a caveman, well not completely at least… I do enjoy doing some exercise and sport like tennis, which I played in a club until this year, swimming or football (yes, the one with the round ball, that you play with your feet, the real football). I don’t enjoy to run just for the sake of running, but running after a ball or someone is fun so I do it. I do like taking long walks along the coast though, often while listening to music. It’s good to just get out sometimes.

I love summer because we live near the ocean and I can go to the beach almost every day and swim happily in the water before enjoying some time on the warm sand with a good book. I do like reading when I go to the beach, it’s enjoyable. Well, at least I try to do that when it’s sunny, that’s not always the case here, even in summer. people often say the weather is bad almost all the time, which is definitely not true, but some days, when it’s been raining or just cloudy for two weeks straight, I have to agree with them, especially when it’s during the summer.

More personally, I have quite a bit of body hair, which I’m fine with if it stays this ways, but I’m a bit scared that it’ll keep growing and that my body is going to be covered in it one day… Especially my back, I don’t want that, ugh… That and death are my two biggest fears in life I believe.

I was studying in IT up until this year but I’ve decided to change orientation after failing my second year, and starting next semester I think I’ll start an English license to become a teacher. I don’t know if I’ll succeed but right now its my goal and I’m really hyped about it. In the mean time, as I can’t start it until next September, I’m looking for a job to make a bit of money to fund my next five years of hard and successful studying. (yep, have to stay positive!) And, of course, I’m also using some of that time to keep this blog/site and my storied updated, ’cause I have time to use and I don’t have much to do at the moment.

Anyways, that’s why I’m more active now than I was before, and hopefully, it’ll stay like this until next September at least, by that time I think I’ll have a bit more work to do so I won’t be able to update as much. I will try to post regularly though and to keep this Quotidian going!

Wow, I just wrote a thousand word, that’s long for this kind of post… You might not want to read it ’till the end, or perhaps you did already since you’re here! Ha! Gotcha!

Anyways, I’m going to stop here for today, gotta keep some ideas for the next times, and I’ll wish you a good day dear reader, may the odds ever be in your favor!

PS: don’t worry, I’ll add some more fact about me, more personal things if you want, later on, I don’t know when but someday. Perhaps even tomorrow! :P

PPS: September or september? I don’t know, the spell checking thingy offers to use both…


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