Quotidian n°5

I wanted to write this a bit earlier in the day to introduce part 2 of the first chapter of Echoes of Time but I ended up posting the chapter first instead. That made me realize that it was better to wait a bit for the Quotidian, or at least that I prefered it that way, so I’ll do it in the middle of the afternoon as often as I can I think, and at other times if I really can’t avoid it. About chapter 1 of Echoes of Power, I’m wondering if I should fuse the two first parts, ’cause it’s normally one chapter. I know it’s long, and that’s what make me hesitate, but all the following chapters are and will be the same length so, should I post them in one piece or in two parts all the time? Of course if it’s two parts I’ll publish them on the same day, I’m not a monster. It’s your choice dear reader, I’d really like your opinion on this.

About the next updates to come, I’m going to get back to writing Tales of Ore, or should I say Of Shadow and Feathers, as it is the first part of the Tales of Ore saga, soon. I’ll get to it tonight I think but it should probably finished by the week-end so I’ll publish it by the beginning of next week if everything goes well. I have some inspiration coming for that story, I feel ‘the vibe’ coming back to me, and the new one I said I was working on is dying back a bit. I’ll most likely still work on it at the same time, but I want to write OSaF for now.  Apart from that, it will depend on my inspiration, because right now I don’t know if I’ll publish anything big ’till the end of the week, we’ll see!

On a completely different subject, I spent the beginning of the afternoon looking for a mmorpg game with a diverse, or at least a more open than usual, skill systems, ’cause I’m getting bored with always being limited. I want a game like Minecraft where the world is completely open, where you craft objects but also skills and like SAO, where you train those skills to raise their level of power, not just becoming stronger because of the stuff or by ‘buying’ skills. This is a big problem that I have with rpgs in general. The only one that seemed to correspond to these criteria a bit was Path of Exile but the style of game doesn’t suite me. I want a vrmmofprpg sandbox (virtual reality massively multiplayer online first person role-playing game that is also a sandbox, for those who don’t understand my alien language), but sadly it’s still a few years before we get one of these…

Lastly, as I don’t have much to say today, I wanted to talk a bit about writing. You know, the thing I’m trying to do but failing at? Yep, that. Nah I’m not failing at it, but I’ve still got trouble getting to it so, as I already started doing some time ago, I’m thinking about reviewing my method of writing and perhaps even trying out new methods. But mostly doing an introspection of my methods and try to explain them to you guys, partly to improve them and partly to help you if you struggle with the same problems as me. I’ll post something about that soon I think, don’t hesitate to react if you have any comment, piece of advice or anything to say about it, I’d be very interested to know how you view writing and how you do it!

Alright, that’s all for now. I feel as if I’ve forgotten something but I don’t know what so I’ll leave you here and come back if ever I find out what I’ve missed.

See you later and enjoy your stay! ;)

EDIT : It’s number 5, not number 4, damn it… 5 of them and I’m already lost in the count… x)


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