Quotidian n°6

And this time I’m not screwing up the count! x)

Sp, what happened today, or what will happen? Well I posted the fourth chapter of Forging, the first part in The Hero’s Mask series, which is also the last one of the Preamble to the story. It’s not like the preamble is a definite separate part of the story but it’s a bit like and introduction to Forging. Part I will start from chapter 5 and will go one for some time. These few chapters were a presentation to introduce the characters (well mainly Maximilian), a bit of his background and most of the subplots of the story, there are still a few to come don’t worry, but yeah, this mainly gives you hints to part of what’s to come.

As you might have guessed, most of the story will be about Maximilian trying to learn mor about his parents and to understand what is going on in his life. I’ll try to make the story as interesting as I imagine it in my head and I do hope I succeed because I’ve got so many ideas that sound so cool and that I want to try out. Prepare to be amazed by this mysterious, interesting, full of action and suspense but also emotions, some romantic moments too of course… ‘Cause yeah, I’m a hopeless romantic inside that cold steel shell of mine. So I hope you’ll enjoy it and in the mean time, enjoy reading chapter 4!

Quick, before I change the subject, about the reason the chapters don’t have names for this story, well it’s simple : I didn’t have any inspiration when I started it so I decided that I wouldn’t add names to the chapters, it’s simpler that way. Yeah, I’m a big slacker under that romantic crap inside my cold shell of steel… (I’m kidding of course, romanticism is not crap!)

So, about me today. Well firstly I can’t get Peyton and Lucas out of my head, I keep thinking about the two One Tree Hill characters and their story together, the love they took so much time to accept and embrace. I haven’t watched the complete show, just some episodes here and there, but I’ve been rooting for them since the beginning and I hope they got together in the end. Well, actually I know they did but I don’t know how ’cause I haven’t seen the episodes so, yeah, go them anyways! Also I keep watching those AMV about fandoms on Divergent Nephilim’s and kindon18’s channel, there are a lot of them about couples and that tends to get me all lovey-dovey for the rest of the afternoon… I may be a man and not look like it but I’m a teenage girl inside, I love reading fan fictions and stories about fandom couples and how they get together. Kya! I’m so embarrassed! You have to take responsibility now, b- baka!

Yeah, I’m also a bit crazy inside. I loved Blending facts and fiction’s post on this today, his daily observation is pretty accurate, if it weren’t for the internet and this blog I don’t know if I would dare to expose my thoughts, my ideas and feelings out to people like this, it’s really important to me to be able to share it with you and WordPress is a great medium to do just that. I love my crazy side but I also don’t like to show it too much in public, though thanks to my girlfriend I tend to be a bit more open around people than before. I’m doing some progress on that subject, but in the mean time I’m here doing things that I love and find awesome for other people to enjoy and it’s super awesome!

So, on another note, today I wanted to say a few words on a particular subject : my bilinguality/bilingualism. yep, I’m French but I can also understand and communicate quite well in English. I’m quite good indeed, I’ve got a nice level here in France and people often comment on this, they tell me it’s cool I’m bilingual or fluent. And to be frank, I don’t lie that. I enjoy being praised, like anybody I believe, if you’re wondering, I’m not an alien! (well not that you know of at least…) Being bilingual, or more correctly fluent, means to speak a foreign language with a certain level of vocabulary, it requires to be able to correctly comprehend and express yourself in an everyday conversation at least.

But to me, it also has to be with a certain level of pronunciation and accent, and that’s why I don’t like to say I’m fluent or bilingual, true I speak English and understand it very well (damn, I feel like I’m bragging here) but I have a crappy accent. Okay, it’s better than some other people I have the pleasure to hear around me, and I know an extended list of vocabulary that I can use and comprehend without too much difficulty, but I don’t have a good accent. I hesitate on the pronunciation sometime and I can’t be sure I speak it as a true Englishman, or american or Aussie or any English native-speaker would, so, in my mind, that just makes me a good English speaker and not a fluent or bilingual person.

I know it can feel selfish, especially when I don’t have much trouble switching between French and English compared to most of my friends, but I want to make the distinction, it feels important in my mind, and that can unnerve some of them sometime (well most of the time actually). So yeah, basically I’m ranting about being good in English and people telling me to brag more about it, that is not messed up at all… But it’s important to me and I just wanted to share this with you, you may have a similar problem or point of view, or think completely differently, and I want to hear your opinion on this. Do you think at some point accent, fluidity and pronunciation count when talking about being fluent?

I don’t know if I’m clear or not in my explanation but I feel that I’ve been able to say what I wanted so I’m happy, at least I tried talking about it!

That will be all for today ladies and gentlemen, I don’t have much more to say… I wish you a nice day/morning/evening/night/afternoon depending on where you are and I’ll see you later, bye!

PS : Imma go and read some fan fictions and listen to romantic songs for the rest of the afternoon I think, I’m feeling like I need some of that!


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