Quotidian n°7


I’m late, so late, I’ll never be there on time!

It’s 9pm here in France as I am writing this so, yeah, basically I’m late. Why? You may ask? Well let me tell you. This story began a long time ago, almost fourteen hours ago, in a far away land named MyBed where a young man woke up this morning…

Okay, enough kidding around, why haven’t I posted this earlier today and why no updates? Well simple, I wasn’t at home of the whole day and I couldn’t work on anything to post today, though I have been advancing on my new story, Stellar, and my older one Of shadow and feathers since I got back this evening. But it’s still not ready to be published yet, probably on monday on Tuesday though!

Yup, today I was afk all say, I went to a school that interests me for next year to see what they offered, how classes were there and to visit the buildings and so on, I woke up at seven-thirty this morning and took my bus at eight fifteen, only to come back home at quarter to eight this evening. After taking the time to cook something and settling behind my computer I finally got to writing and remembered I hadn’t posted a Quotidian today.

Blood rushed to my fingers and I furiously started typing because I don’t want to start to slack off, one post a day minimum is the only way I’m going to make progress in my way of writing, I need this as much as you don’t want it (which means a lot, I’ll give you some time to understand my little joke here… got it? Nice, let’s continue!) to keep my progress steady and balanced. Writing is something that has to be practised regularly to be able to make something better out of it each time and it’s what I’m trying to do. Anyways, no writing each day = baddy bad bad for me!

That’s why I wanted to write this as soon as I came home. I did think about writing my share for today yesterday and time the uploading on this post but it didn’t seem right and anyways, I didn’t have the will to write more yesterday, too damn tired. Plus it’s really not right!

So, I didn’t and pleaded the lord to be home soon enough to do so or to at least find some time to write it and, guess what?! I did find some time to write this Quotidian! (Yeah, I know you guessed but it was mostly rhetorical…)

Today has been a tiring but fulfilling day, I found out what I wanted to really do next year : a licence of English to become a teacher, but not the one that focuses on translation (which means learning French, or whatever other language to translate in, as the English part, nope, not for me), the one that focuses on the language itself, on its grammar and structure and on its history and culture. That is much more fun to do and work on, I almost can’t wait for next year to be here already!

I learned plenty and am quite satisfied by it, though I still have two other schools to go to, to see how they compare to this one… Anyway, I’m tired tonight and I won’t drag this post too long, you probably don’t want to read me rant anyways, so, yeah, fulfilling day but not really productive in terms of writing… I’ll have to remedy to that tomorrow!

Hope your day went/is going well too guys, have a nice weekend!

PS : Time to watch some One Tree Hill episodes before going to bed! Yawn…


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