Quotidian n°8

I didn’t mention this yesterday but hurray! It’s already been a full week since I’ve started posting these quotidians and I’m happy to report I didn’t miss one for the moment!

One week down, infinity to go!

Today the sixth chapter of We are the living, one of the stories I’ve been working on the side has been posted. I knew how the story will progress from then on, I’ve already started writing the next chapter, but I don’t know how to put it into words, I seem to have some difficulty with all my stories on that aspect. But I’m working on it so it should be here someday, soon I hope!

I’ve also been working on Stellar, you know the story I’ve started writing a few days ago, and I’ve finished the first chapter (which is more of a prologue but who cares). It’s a science fiction story that will mostly be centered on action and romance, sort of a space opera, there will also be some suspense and mystery but I still have to plan it more thoroughly and to write some more chapters before I think about posting it here. So for the moment you’ll only have a few updates here and there on my progress and maybe a preview one day, but not much more about it that that.

I shall also get to work on Of Shadow and Feathers this afternoon and try to get most of it done today, at least half, so that it is ready to be posted by Tuseday! I have a few ideas on how I shoudl re-write the second chapter but I think most of it will come to me on the spot. I do hope that I manage to do somethign better than what I have already, that is what stresses me most…

I also wanted to talk about something that I feel is important and that has been bugging me for some time now. The stories I write can be categorized as stories for teenagers or young adults, and that doesn’t bother me at all, I enjoy writing my stories and I really don’t care who reads it (well, what types of people read it), i write them for everybody and anybody, but it is true that these would be the categories that it would fit in I believe. What I wanted to talk about is the fact that almost all my main characters are male teenagers around the age of 16, except in a few of my stories but they are not a lot.

The reason behind that is simple, when I started imagining htem I was myself a male teenager around 16 years old, now I’m a female adult around 25 so my point of view has changed a little- Nah, I’m just kidding! I’m still male, and despite having aged a bit I’m still a teenager in my head, that’s why I write a lot about teenagers. The other reason is that teenagers are less experienced with life and making a story around a boy who slowly learns about life and becomes a man along the way is always more apealing than about a man becoming older and wiser, at least in my opinion. So that’s why I write a lot of my characters as teens. The fact that they are around sixteen all the time is because it’s about the age when we go from boy to man I believe.

This doesn’t bother me but it also does. I don’t like doing mainstream things in my stories, I want them to be original and interesting so I want to try new things, but it’s hard… I try, I’ve got at least two stories with adults as main characters and a few other with females as main characters. I try to shake off the conventions of youg adult ot teen stories where all (nah, not all but let’s be realistic, most of them are) main characters are teenage boys who suddenly discover they have overpowered superpowers and have to go on a quest to save the world on their own. I like that but it’s already been done many times so I want to change this in my stories at least.

I know it’s still not the time yet, I have a lot of way to go, but I want to one day be able to write a story where the main character and the plot are interesting, a story that surprises the reader and that is really interesting to read with original ideas (or a t least ideas that haven’t been overused). That is what I’m trying to reacha s a goal in my writing, something that pleases my and interests my readers. I really hope I’ll be able to do that one day…

Anyways, I won’t say all I want to say here now, I have to keep some for the Tips and tricks section I’m preparing for you guys to give you some advice. So, yeah, it may not have seemed clear to you but I think I said what I wanted to say, though my frustration on that subject will be completely vented some other day.

I wish you a good day and a nice morning/noon/afternoon/evening/night, depending on when you are reading this… x)

PS: Also more than 40 visitors during the last two days and 65 views on mu blog, hurray, am I getting interesting?! Thank you all for coming to visit! :D


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