Quotidian n°9

Not much has happened in my life today, I posted the second chapter Of Shadow and feathers that you can already read here. I also worked on chapter 3, which should be available sometime tomorrow (yes, so soon) and chapter 4 should even be here before the end of the week. (Such miracle, much wow, very happy!) We’ll see if I can maintain this rhythm until the end of the week, but right now I feel motivated!

Anyways, apart from that I don’t have much to say, I finished the first season of One Tree Hill, yup already, and it was so cliché and full of that romantic crap all the time but I loved it anyway! I think I’ll start season 2 tonight or tomorrow, I can’t wait!

I’ve also been playing Pokemon a bit these last weeks, started a new game with my “perfect” team, which I struggled to turn into eggs and to transfer from a version to another… But now I’ll have a Snorlax, a Sandslash, a Dragonite, a Lapras, a Typhlosion and a Leafeon in my team, I’m so happy, my life is almost complete now! For those who don’t agree with these choices, here is one thing you should know : I chose these pokemons not for their power or abilities but simply because I like them, that’s all. And I believe that I’ll soon be the master of the Johto and Kanto leagues of the Soul Silver version pon which I’m playing. Gotta beat ’em all!

Not much else to say except that I’m really excited to share more of Of Shadow and Feathers with you as it is the story that I have developed and thought about the most and it’s the one that I’m the most proud of at the moment! It may not be at its best right now, which is part of the reason for which I’m re-writing it, but I do have a lot of hope that one day it will be as good as what I have in mind. I will also add some information in the Universe section about the story, the characters and some other things, go take a look in the next few days if you have time.

Ah yes, almost forgot! I don’t really know why but I’ve been thinking about poetry lately (perhaps because I’ve worked on a few of my own oeuvres) and even if I don’t know  a lot of poems I noticed that a few of them had stuck with me and that they influenced me a lot when I wrote poetry. There are three specifically that I like a lot : The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe, The Tyger by William Blake and If… by Rudyard Kipling. These three works of art have marked me in different ways, The Raven, to me, is linked with the universe of the Teen Titans and the relationship between Raven and Beastboy (and the witch’s “mind palace” named Nevermore by the green teen). The Tyger I associate with The Mentalist and Patrick Jane’s chase of Red John during the first 6 seasons. Finally If… is a poem I first read in French (a French translation of the English original text) and which, after reading the original, I loved more.

It really made an impression on me when I first saw it posted on a wall of the highschool I went to at the time and it stuck with me. What I enjoy about these poems are the links I can make with my feelings and memories, the connections they have with other works, this added to the great talent of each writer and the work itself makes these three my favorites and my reference. Now, I know they are not representative of poetry in general, and they are perhaps not the best out there, but I do love them more than any other. If I had to name other poems I like though I’d say most of the ones in Les Fleurs du Mal by Charles Baudelaire’s and Le dormeur du val by Arthur Rimbaud, these are the ones I also enjoy a lot. Baudelaire is sort of a model to me whenever I try to write poetry.

Anyway, that is all for today. I’m a little depressed by the weather and the fact that I don’t feel really well (a bit sick I think), plus it’s Monday, so I’ll leave you here for today. I wish you a very good week and I’ll be back tomorrow for more Quotidian and surely more things to post!

See ya! :)


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