Quotidian n°11

What happened today?

Well firstly, chapter 4 of Of Shadow and Feathers, A fire that always burns, has been posted and is available to be read! I hope you enjoy it, the story is slowly starting to pick up, but it’ll get more interesting in the next chapter!

On a more personnal subject, I finally got my official papers for this last semester, been waiting for them for almost a month and had to go get them myself ’cause they never would’ve been sent otherwise… Anyways, that’s done and it feels good, I’m now able to focus on my future studies in English next year! (I’m gonna learn how to right my stories more good!)

Other than that, I don’t have much to report, I haven’t been very productive today, mostly watched some episodes of One Tree Hill (yeah, I’m in the “???” period, the time when I’m focused and captivated by a single story and I can’t get enough of it), it’s so annoying to watch with all the drama, I want to punch the characters almost every minute of the show, but I can’t stop…

But that is going to change a bit. Yeah, I swear. Why? ‘Cause I’ve got an announcement to do!

People of the internets, from today on and for an undetermined period of time, and especially for you, I am going to try and publish a chapter a day of my stories on this blog! Yup, I know it’s crazy and I’m probably going to break down in tomorrow or the day after, but I’m seriously wanting to try this out! Imagine that, a chapter a day, awesome!

Now, I don’t know if it’ll be for a single story yet, I want to try it with Of Shadow and Feathers for the moment, which means that chapter five would technically be out tomorrow, and to keep the rythm for as long as I can. This is a trial period, I’ll se if it’s doable and if I can publish chapters as long as I hope, if yes then great, if not I’ll reduce the number to half a chapter a day (which means that you’ll still get your daily read!). What do you think about it? Is it crazy? Would you like that?

I know that there isn’t much of the story out there for the moment but I really feel like it could motivate me to write more and it would be a way for you to get to know more of it faster! It would give you more material to judge the story from.

Anyways, yeah, that’s my plan for the moment. I’m starting to work on chapter 5 tonight and we’ll see if it can work out tomorrow!

That’s all folks, see ya!

PS: damn, only got 459 words when I try to do at leat 500 with each Quotidian, gonna have to add some words to fill the counter! Uhm, what to say? I love chicken and lasagna (Garfiel is my role model in life!) and I couldn’t live without my regular dose of our great French cheeses (wow, that’s weird for a plural) and saucisson! (which you would translate by salami or sausage but it’s not the same, saucisson resembles the both of them but it’s also much more than just sausage…)


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