Quotidian n°13 – Coincidence?


The Quotidian n°13 on a friday 13th, coincidence? I think not!


So, lately I’ve been going through some old stuff I’ve been writing over the years, mostly short stories, quick texts I wrote for things like daily prompts or essays in class. I didn’t remember most of them and I find it awesome to be able to read them without knowing what to expect, liking them and then remembering I was the one who wrote them. It’s really a strange feeling to read one’s stories with a fresh eye.

Of course, most of them need improvement, they are good but not as good as I had hoped when I wrote them, I’ve spotted a number of mistakes that I’ll have to correct. You can already find the final version of a few of them here : The wait, a poem about time and its inevitable passage, A simple game, a short story I wrote for a daily post about playing a game,  and perhaps soon The strange habits of Alastor Reynolds, a short story written for a daily prompt too and inspired by a movie I’ll reference in the post itself so as not to spoil things here.

I think I might get around to post more of them in the future because I’ve been writing for some time now and I want to show you how it evolved over time. Plus I find it awesome to be able to share the texts with other and to get their opinion on them! ;)

Also, I’ve been notified by WordPress that I’ve broken my record of likes and follows on Tales of Ore today with 6 likes on The wait and 3 new followers in one day! So, I wanted to say thank you to LocustBatallion, InNoirVelvet, PublishingInsights, Sabiscuit, M. FunkIVPoetry, IridescentFox, Beautiful Insanity and Kendall F. Person for making these two records. It may not seem much but it means a lot to me! So, thanks!

My plans for the afternoon : workout for about half an hour to an hour, I think it’s reasonable to begin with that, then work on the fifth chapter of Of Shadow and Feathers and finish it by the end of the afternoon to post it by the end of the day. I should be able to do all that. No, I have to get in the right mind-set. I will be able to do all that!

Finally, before I go, I just wanted to say a word about music. Music and songs are a big part of my life, not as a singer or instrument player, but as a listener. I really enjoy listening to music and, as a matter of fact, I do it almost all day long. Yesterday I proposed to you a song about the joys of the holidays by Doktor Kosmos, a swedish band that I had just discovered (thanks to One Tree Hill, I believe it was my reward after enduring the endless minutes of frustration I felt while watching the characters deal really awkwardly with their dramas) and that I now love!

Today I wanted to highlight another artist and another song : Christine by Christine and the queens, a french group that I’ve heard about for some time now but that I only discovered more recently and I can’t get enough of this song. I can thank PVNova for that (a french music Youtuber) because he did a great cover of the song with Christine herself! So, if you want to try out something new today, try listening to this song!

Anyways, that’s all for today, see you guys later for the fifth chapter of Of Shadow and Feathers and maybe more!

PS : Much links, such advertising, very many, much wow!

PPS : Also thanks to John White who just followed my blog!

Enjoy! ;)


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