Quotidian n°14 – News from the west

So, what’s new today?

Well for once a few things : I started writing Of Shadow and Feathers again and working on Echoes of Power to translate the second chapter (they are so long, it’s annoying…) and I think I’m advancing quite well, I believe I’ll be able to post it next week, by Wednesday if I’m right with my calculations!

Also I’ve started doing some more serious working out, still not as much as I hoped at first but I’m realizing that my body isn’t as in good shape as I had thought so I’ll have to take things a little bit slower, but I’m getting there! By next year I should be the next Schwarzenegger!

Thirdly I have also begun watching Scrubs along One Tree Hill, it’s a TV series about doctors I had started some time ago but that I picked up again because the episodes are short, it’s hilarious and I want to see the romantic relationships play out (yeah, that’s my main motivation actually…). Also I’ve heard a lot of bad reviews and comments on the 9th season (that’s the last one isn’t it?) and I wanted to see what people were yelling about so I’m watching the whole series just for that.

On a more writing-centered subject, I also published the second part of chapter 5 of Of Shadow and Feathers, Blonde Streak, today so it’s out there if you want to read it! I’ve thought about it and I think I’ll keep that rhythm, half a chapter a day, because a whole chapter is too much for me with the other things I want to do in my day and my motivation. I’ll publish the whole chapter in a single post tomorrow for those who don’t want to read it in two parts. Also I’d like to know what you would prefer, a chapter every two days or half a chapter a day? I don’t know what to choose, I’m planning on going with half a chapter a day but if you want more less often I’d be happy to oblige!

I have also started looking around the texts that I’ve been writing over the years and I’ve found a few of them that I think you may enjoy so I think I’ll share them with you in the near future, and I’ll try to do some daily prompts to keep myself in a writing mood when I have less inspiration than what I need. One of these short projects will be online later during the day, after I’ve finished re-writing it.

Before I leave you I wanted to say thank you to all the people who take time to read my texts, it’s really cool to see that what I write interests others, and not just me. I’m really happy that people take time to read and enjoy my stories, thank you to all of you!

Finally, as I did yesterday and the day before, I wanted to share a song with you, I found it on Espen Stenersrød‘s blog. Its name is Alone, I fell in love with it the first time I heard it and I can’t stop listening to it since then, it’s really awesome!


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