Quotidian n°15 – Meh.

I did not find any time to do much writing today, I was so focused on other things that I didn’t even write a whole paragraph of Of Shadow and Feathers of the whole day… I’m really sorry about this but I don’t think I’m motivated enough to do it before midnight tonight so you will have to wait until tomorrow before you get chapter number six…

The good news is you will have the complete chapter in compensation instead of only one half of it and the second half the day after, tomorrow the full chapter six will be uploaded, I promise!

I don’t have much to update form my focusing-on-things-instead-of-writing/slacking/video-gaming of the day except that I posted the full chapter 5 of Of Shadow and Feathers this morning and a small challenge about short horror stories I found on the daily prompts during the afternoon, I found it funny to do and enjoyed trying to make these two sentences as scary as possible!

Anyways, not much to report and no motivation whatsoever to write a long post so, I’ll just say that it was a cool day, doing almost nothing, and I enjoyed it, but I still have a few hours before becoming Cinderella again so I’ll make the most of it if you’ll excuse me!

See you later folks, until then, may the force be with you!

PS: here is a picture of a cute cat to appologize…



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