Quotidian n°16 – No no no no no!


Mea culpa, mea maxima culpa!

I cannot appologize enough to myself or to you, dear readers, for my actions yesterday… I didn’t post chapter 6 as promised and I didn’t even respect my engagement to myself to post a Quotidian, this means that my goal (a continuous streak of daily posts for as long as possible) has already broken… That I have to start again from scratch. And for that I apologize again, both to you and to myself.

Yesterday I was so unmotivated to write it was aweful, I didn’t even open wordpress or a word document to put words in front of the other after posting the Tipsy and Trickery post, even though I had promised you a complete chapter the day before… This is something I find unnacceptable, something I’m trying to change in myself and yet I have failed (Arrow, you may shoot me now, for I have faile this community…). I’m really sorry and frustrated with that, keeping my writing updated each day is something want to achieve, it’s very important, I can’t let myself slip like that.

To apologize I have published earlier the sixth chapter of Of Shadow and Feathers, The white palace, I hope you will enjoy reading it, I’m not entirely sure of myself but I hope I still did quite a good job… I will also publish the first part of chapter seven later during the day (and this time I will keep my promise!) as a further way of apologizing. So expect chapter seven part I soon!

My other plans for the day are as follow : write as much of chapter seven as I can, do some exercise (this I have been keeping up with, push ups and weights are going quite well), finish my enrolment procedure for next year and if possible try to play a bit of League of Legends, if I have time on my hands. I’ll also take some time to go and see what my fellow bloggers have done in the last days, I haven’t kept myself updated much on that aspect lately.

Yesterday I did manage to finish season 2 of One Tree Hill and start season 3, things are still as fucked up and annoying as ever but I really want to watch the thing ’till the end though… Also I’ve been watching Scrubs at the same time, this serie is hilarious, I can’t stop laughing throughout the episodes, plus it has some emotional moments in it too so it’s cool. I’m really happy I did give it a shot!

Today is an awesome day, the weather is great, it’s not too cold and I’m feeling great. I think the weather has a huge impact on my psychological wel being, at least a bigger impact than what I wanted to give it credit for. When it’s sunny I’m usually very happy and motivated whereas when it’s cloudy or raining I’m not motivated to do anything and a bit depressed… I don’t know if it is really true but I hope that the sun will stay up in the sky for as long as possible! Maybe I’ll go for a walk along the coast later in the afternoon.

Anyways, got work to do, things to catch up with and I’m feeling great so I’ll leave you here and take advantage of this sudden burst in productivity to do things! See you later folks, have a nice day! :D


PS : Here is a song that motivated me to write today, don’t ask why, it just did! Enjoy! ;)


Days without incident : 0 (The counter of consecutive days of posting is back to zero! :P)

Also, another cute cat to get you to forgive me! Pweety pwease!



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