Quotidian n°17 – Aaaaand back on track!


Word of the day : Potato.


Yup yup, I’m happy because I managed to get back on track on the matter of the posts! Now I just have to keep this up and everything shall be fine!

So, what happened on this awesome blog that is Tales of Ore today?!

Well, first, at about midnight and a half (you understand what I mean!), I posted the first half of the seventh chapter of Of Shadow and Feathers, a bit late I must admit, since I had promised to do it earlier, but still I did post it so don’t be so mad. Then, later in the day, at approximately some hour and a half, I also posted the second half, that you can read here! I hope you enjoy it, the complete version of the chapter will be available tomorrow!

Now, what would I want to talk about today? Well, I had no idea until I started writing this sentence so what I’m going to say next might seem a bit rough and not perfectly expressed but here goes.

It’s insanely difficult to translate a story from a language to another!

How would I know you ask? Well the answer is simple : because that is exactly what I’m doing with Tales of Ore : Of Shadow and Feathers. Yup, I’m that crazy… No, to be serious it’s not really that hard, it’s not easy, it’s annoying and extremely exhausting when you want to find the right words, but not really hard. What you have to do though is to get to know the language you want to translate your story in depth because a simple textbook English, for example, isn’t enough to do it.

I have the most difficulty translating French sayings or expressions in a good English, in general the translations aren’t exact and it doesn’t mean the same thing as what I try to say. But it’s a good exercise for those who want to learn more about a foreign language (and their native one by the same way) because it forces you to analyse it in details and to understand how it works. It’s not fun but it’s useful. Sometimes.

I’m not saying that I have mastered English, or the art of translation for that matter, but I think that I have a better level in English than since I started writing in the language of tea and definitely since I started translating from French to it, or from it to French. It take time and it doesn’t always work, but that forced me to find new ways of translating and to make my method evolve.

An example of that if the fact that in the beginning I tried to translate every word exactly, I looked on web translators for every definition of the word I thought until I found the perfect one, but it took a lot of time and energy for very little bonus in quality in the end. Now, and I don’t say it’s better, just different, now I simply try to translate by paragraphs, I find the simplest and best way to translate my ideas in a correct way. It’s much faster, easier and more efficient that way, plus if I really want to express something in a different or specific way I can always go back and work on it again!

So yeah, translation is not that hard, it just requires some work and knowledge of both languages you want to work with. I really hope the job I’m doing is good and that you enjoy reading my stories, I will keep working on the quality until it’s perfect! Until then, I wish you a good day and a happy new year! (What do you mean it’s too late for that?!)


My song crush of the day :


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