Stanley – 1


Rated M for mature content to come.


This story starts on a very normal day, in the very normal bank that is Scramberge and sons. This story is the story of Stephanie. Stephanie is an attractive young woman of slightly above average height with neither too long nor too short dark brown hair that falls in gentle curls. She has startling green eyes, partly hidden behind a thin pair of glasses, with small brown spots spread here and there on her irises, she also has a thin nose and naturally red lips. Thanks to those genetic traits inherited from her parents she is considered by many a man as a natural beauty. Stephanie is an employee at Scramberge and sons. She is the secretary of the bank manager, Mr. Scramberge, which is not surprising as the bank is called Scramberge and sons, and she is in charge of sorting out his papers, taking care of scheduling his meetings and basically paid to tend to any of his needs.

Mr. Scramberge is a man, fact that can be deduced by the “Mr” honorific preceding his name (though it is preferable to mention it), of medium size, almost short. He has a thin and graying layer of hair. He always has a stiff posture and is considered a little unsociable by many of his employees and clients. He is a man of very few emotions and very little compassion for others, he is, in fact, as strict as he seems and often moody, though the people who infer this fact do not stay around long enough to confirm it. However he is indeed a good manager, one of the most successful bank managers in the city, which is why Scramberge and sons is one of the most, the second most actually, successful bank in the city.

Now, Stephanie, his secretary and our main character, is not overly qualified for her job, nor is she underqualified for it. She had a sufficient education to claim this post, though her looks are one of the three main reasons she had been hired. Anyone could have found the substantial other two without much trouble if you asked them, but that is not the subject of our story right now. However she is not only beautiful by many standards but she is also an intelligent woman and she knows and takes advantage of all these facts which, added to her hard work, allows her to make the most of all the opportunities that come her way.

To be continued…


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