Stanley – 2


Rated M for mature content.

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She is also the perfect example of a good worker, a hard worker : she does over time almost every day and tries to do things that she is tasked with as best as she can. Even Mr. Scramberge himself , who is a difficult man to please, cannot deny that she is extremely efficient at her job. On that day, Stephanie was doing some work for Mr. Scramberge in his office while he was counting the amount of money remaining in the safes of the bank. The young woman had been asked to put some order through the files in the director’s office and to sort his documents by alphabetical order. This was a boring task that the man himself had never had the courage to do and probably never would, which is why he had entrusted it to her.

What she didn’t know, as she worked with application,  was that today would be the day that her life completely changed, it would be the linchpin that would draw chaos into her normal and peaceful life. But of course, Stephanie had no idea of what would happen at that moment, and so she continued working diligently. With such a boring task she had all the time she wanted to let her thoughts run through her head and her favorite thing to distract herself when she worked was whistling. She loved to try to imitate the tunes of her favorite songs as her imagination wandered in a world where everything was possible and where she could escape when she wanted.

That is why when she was suddenly interrupted by cries and shouts she was taken aback. Once surprise had dissipated and she had made sure the shouts and cries weren’t her imagination playing tricks on her she let her curiosity get the best of her.

What could be those shouts and cries coming from the main hall? What on earth could make the clients want to cry and shout like that? She wondered. She also pondered if she should go out and check what was happening.

As as she did so, the sounds died down quite quickly and silence took over, so once again she resumed her task, brushing off the strange incident and letting her mind wander back to her imagination. She would’ve continued like this until the end of the day or until she had finished filing everything if the shouts and cries hadn’t come back. That made Stephanie tick.

Why would people, in the main hall of a bank, cry and shout like this two times in a row? she thought, something was wrong, very wrong…

To be continued…


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