Quotidian n°19 – Let’s Garfield

I’m lazy.

Yup, if I had to define myself in a few words, lazy would definitely be one of them! I think I’m a bit less lazy than before and getting less lazy as I get older and more, uh, old if not mature… But I still enjoy not doing anything productive each day of my life and I would do so if I didn’t try to motivate myself with goals, like this thing the daily post, and I definitely don’t want that!

So, what is new today? (or this whole week as a matter of fact as I haven’t said much in my latest quotidians…)

Well, first, I’ve been seriously working on Of Shadow and Feathers these past days, I’ve published three chapters in five or six days and I think that’s cool! I also hope you enjoyed reading them! Unfortunately, I’m getting a bit unnerved by the fact that I have to translate everything and that I can’t be creative much so I think I’m going to work on my other projects at the same time, this means that there might not be any chapters of Tales of Ore in the next few days (there might be though, I don’t know, depends on my motivation) and instead more of the other stories.

I have also started a daily short serial of about five hundred words per chapter named Stanley, you can find the first and second chapters online already. It’s a different format than usual because it’s shorter, told in a different way and it’s a has a more mature-centered content. (By that I don’t mean it’s for adults but there is going to be some violence, foul language and… other things *wicked grin* so I’m rating it M, for mature, you have been warned).

Now, this serial is going to be the story of Stephanie, a bank secretary, and her adventures as she discovers that the world around her isn’t as nice and easy going as she thought and her quest for revenge when her life is torn apart. There is going to be some humor, quite a bit of action and suspence and some more humor (mostly stupid things actually). This isn’t going to be a very serious story, at least not as serious as the others, is what I’m trying to say. I feel like I’m going to enjoy writing it a lot, I hope you’ll like it too!

Also I’ve started the real formalities for my enrolment in and English licence next year, now I have to wait and see how it plays. I’m a bit excited and almost can’t wait for the next semester to be here! In the mean time, still looking for a job to make some gold and be able to buy the necessary items for my quest of knowledge.

Now, to conclude, no chapter today, except for Stanley, but one tomorrow I hope. I wish a nice afternoon to all of you and may the force be with you all!

See ya!


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