Stanley – 3


Rated M for mature content.

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The young woman stopped what she was doing and put down the documents she was holding on the desk before slowly walking towards the door of the office, then she heard a gun shot and a couple more screams before everything became silent. Stephanie froze, her hand almost on the doorknob, and hesitated for a second. She didn’t know whether it was a good idea to open the door and check what was beyond it, what if it was dangerous? What if it was really a robbery?

But the young woman was a hard worker, a great employee one dare even say, at heart and she couldn’t very well just let anything happen to Scramberge and sons, to her bank, without trying to do something about it! Very slowly, even slower than how she had been progressing with her boring task a few seconds earlier, she turned the knob and, without a sound, she pulled back the door just enough to see through it. Damn it! She cursed in her mind. Why don’t doors have keyholes on both sides when you need them?!

Her heart skipped a beat as she saw two men with heavy guns rounding up the clients in the center of the hall. It was, as her worst prediction became reality, indeed a robbery. She slowly and silently closed the door, hoping that none of the robbers had seen her, and stepped back, trying to calm herself, as she tried to think about what she should do. Raise the alarm? No, Elise should have already pressed the button as soon as the robbers had come in. Try to do something? And to get killed in the process? No thanks! Perhaps hide and wait? Yeah, good idea. But what about the other hostages? Damn it conscience of mine, now is not the time for you to wake up!

But even as she though that she knew she had to do something, not only for the others but also for herself, if she didn’t she knew she would regret it for the rest of her live, however long that would be. She pressed her back to the cold wall and closed her eyes, trying to focus. It was hard, her thoughts were getting jumbled by the exclamations coming from the other side of the door, but after a few seconds an idea popped in her head. The cops might have been warned but the don’t really know what’s going on in here, and I can help with that!

Stephanie started to look for her phone, frantically searching every pocket she had and every place in the room where she could have put it. She found it after a few seconds of cursing and silent praying before immediately going to hide under the large wooden desk. If the robbers came in here they wouldn’t notice her immediately she though as she dialled the number, it had the time to ring twice before she heard the office door open with a click. Shit!

To be continued…


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