Quotidian n°21 – Videogames are cool!

Today I spent most of my day playing video games and watching videos of people playing video games and I loved it. Yeah, I told you I was lazy…

Anyway, I also posted a few chapters : Chapter 5 of Forging, which ends the prologue and begins the first part of the story, the fourth part of the short serial Stanley, where things get a bit more interesting, and, well, nothing else except this quotidian. Yup, that has been all for today and it will be all until tomorrow because I’m tired tonight and I want to got to sleep early.

I was a bit more motivated to write today than yesterday but I didn’t use that motivation at all I must admit and now I don’t want to use it either, just spend my evening doing other things… Like looking for the outlines of the plot for Stanley that I wrote somewhere but that I can’t find at all or play a bit of Pokemon or watch Scrubs, I don’t know yet but I’ll do one of those things definitely!

‘Cause, yeah, writing is so haaaaaard… You can’t understand my struggle… *haha, I love irony”

So, yeah nothing much to expect until tomorrow, I hope that you enjoyed your days and I wish you a good night to all! :)

PS : Here is a short cartoon I found earlier today and that I found hilarious! x)


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