Stanley – 4


Rated M for mature content.

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Shit! Stephanie thought as she heard the clicking sound of the opening door. She took in a deep and quiet breath before holding it, hoping not to be discovered by the robbers. She looked at her phone which was still silently ringing and hesitated, should she let it keep ringing and take the risk to be discovered by the robbers or should she wait for a better opportunity? She heard the door close and the footsteps get closer, no, she couldn’t take the risk of being killed right now. The young woman turned off her phone and folded her legs as close as she could to her body so that she could only be seen by someone purposely looking under the desk.

The footsteps slowly got closer and she heard the person move around the desk and come to where she was hiding. Could they have heard me already? Damn it! She cursed once more as she saw a pair of shoes stop near the dark leather desk chair and closed her eyes, praying to whatever was out there for the person not to notice her. A few seconds pass, during which she heard paper shuffling and she noticed the ragged breathing of the person, she slowly opened her eyes and risked a look at whoever was in the room with her. She almost yelped as she recognized Mr. Scramberge himself, sweating heavily and frantically looking for something.

What was he doing in here? Had he not been caught? She didn’t know but if he was alone she could definitely use his help. She slowly and discreetly tapped her nail on the wooden surface of the desk to attract his attention and after a few tries, each followed by her mind yelling at him ‘come on you deaf old man, notice me!’, she finally managed to make him look towards her. He didn’t have the reflex to suppress his voice and yelled as he noticed her under the desk. He took a quick step back, putting his hands on his mouth, and hitting the shelf full of books behind him. One of them fell over with a heavy thud.

Stephanie cringed and forced her boos to silence by putting her finger to her lips. They stayed like this, unmoving for a few seconds, the old man breathing heavily, his eyes closed and his hand on his heart, before the young woman decided it was safe to talk again as it seemed they were alone in the room. If they hadn’t been, they would’ve surely acted by now and she would’ve heard another pair of footsteps at least.

“Dont worry, it’s just me Stephanie, I’m so sorry Mr. Scramberge. I didn’t want to scare you…” She whispered. He nodded to signal he was okay.

“I was about to call the police to warn them about what’s going on when I heard you come in, I thought you were one of the robbers so I hid under here…” She added in an equally low voice before slowly moving out from her small hideout.

To be continued…


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