Quotidian n°22 – When you realize this sentence doesn’t end as you bananas.

Haha! You should’ve seen your face when you read the parallelogram.


So, today nothing much new except for the fifth part of Stanley, the epic story that will captivate the minds of millions in just a few days! No but more seriously, just that, things are getting tense and slightly more interesting. But. Because, yes, there is always a butt -ahem- a but. What is the but this time?

Weeell… It’s mostly that the story isn’t going exactly as my mind had imagined it and I really don’t know what to do about it. You see, I was supposed to have Stephanie in another scene at the beginning but I found it a bit too, um, crude to put it when I started writing Stanley, now though I regret it a bit because it takes out a part of what the story should be. And I am really irritated by the fact that now that I have started writing like this I can’t go back…

In the end, after long hours of thoughts, I decided to go other ways to end up where I wanted it to be and I think it’ll work out quite well, but I don’t know if it’ll be as good as what I hoped at first. We will see as time goes and as the story progresses. I have to warn you though, Stanley is not a “usual” story, it will get very strange and surprising very soon, you’ll perhaps find it stupid or immature but it is a story that I write just for the heck of it and to get a good laugh out of myself each time I think of the plot I devised for it. Hahaha.

Also, I’ve had the same problem with another story of mine, Forging, since I find the beginning too long and I want to make it shorter and more interesting more quickly. The thing is I don’t have the intellectual resources at the moment to imagine everything that this would entail and I’m stuck with this annoying feeling that what I’m writing isn’t right…

I want to make the story as interesting and what I, a person who know everything that will happen in it, feel it should be or feel that it is right now each time I think about it. The problem is that it would require ingenuity and some sacrifices in the scenario and I don’t want to do that, not at the moment, I don’t feel ready.

So, I wanted to warn you, dear readers, that what you are reading right now is but a first draft of the final story, it is how I see it at the moment and that might change as time passes. I might finally get to do what I have in mind one day, now though you will have to be contempt by the “unfinished and raw” feel of the text and with the slowness (What do you mean that word doesn’t exist? Yes it does! From now on!) of the plot and of its unfolding.

Yes, it might take some time for the story to get to its good parts and to become really interesting but this is how I write it and I really hope you will enjoy it nonetheless. Thank you for reading me and I wish you all very happy and fulfilling lives, and also a good day by the way, for as long as possible!

Thank you to all the followers and all the people who come take a look, it means a lot to me to know there are people like you out there who are interested by what I write!

PS : I love you! :D


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