Stanley – 5


Rated M for mature content.

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The stiff man with graying hair nodded but didn’t respond, he was still trying to recover from that scare. His heart wasn’t as young and flexible as before and he had been expressly told not to strain it too much with stress or it wouldn’t continue healthily beating for much longer…

Fortunately he had, against all predictions from his family and doctors, started taking yoga classes and this helped him deal with stress on a daily basis, but the most impressive feat was that he became proficient in it incredibly fast. The previous week he had been taught a new breathing method to “clear his ninth heart” and to calm himself. He hand’t believed it worked at first but as he used it now he could see the real effects of such a technique.

Hadn’t he been accustomed to use it already he would have died on the spot as he had seen the young woman’s head under his deask. Not that it being there surprised him but he hadn’t been expecting anyone else to have been able to hide from the robbers. He took in another deep breath before letting himself slide along the shelf and sitting on the soft carpet.

“Miss Delore…” He started in a whisper. “Please continue what you were doing, I was about to call them myself. I saw four men with masks in the main hall and they were rounding up the employees and clients. They weren’t searching for me which must mean that they already have a way to get to the safe. Tell that to the police as quickly as possible!”

“Yes sir.” Stephanie replied before turning her phone on again. She was dialing the number once again when suddenly the door burst open and two men walked in, one with a sheep mask and the other with a venician mask, a gun in one hand and a cane in the other.

“Well, well, what do we have here, if it isn’t mister the director!” Exclaimed the man with the venician mask, his voice hinting a smug smile behind it.

The old man slowly stood up, shooting a quick glance at Stephanie to tell her to remain hidden, and straghtened himself behind his desk, breathing heavily. The young woman heard the two robbers approached on the other side of the desk but remained hidden, hoping they wouldn’t come around and find her.

“What do you want?” Asked the manager of the bank, his voice shaking a little but overall calm for the situation.

“What do we want?” Asked the robber with the venician mask. “You already know what we came here for, Mr. Scramberge, but I also want some thing else : to have a bit of fun. What do you say we play a little game?” He added with a joyful voice.

To be continued…


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