Stanley – 6


Rated M for mature content.

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“So, miss Delore, you’re telling me that The Duck and his men then forced you to play their little game, which is how the bank’s director found himself in this uh… strange position before he was shot in cold blood by one of The Duck’s men, is that it?” Asked inspector Richards as he showed the photos of the crime scene to the young brunette woman.

Stephanie took a quick look at the bloody scene the pictures displayed under her eyes, memories of the incident flooded her mind and she had to suppress a sob as she struggled to keep her emotions in check. She had been crying for the most part of the night and hadn’t had much sleep so coming to the police station that day wasn’t easy on her.

“Y- yes officer.” She replied as her eyes got humid. “They made us do everything they told us and threatened to shoot us if we didn’t obey… They shot Mr. Scramberge anyways…” This time she couldn’t repress the lone tear than rand down her cheek. The officer that had been interrogating her nodded silently.

“Okay. Well your boss still has fair chances to pull through, don’t worry about him. His condition is relatively stable for the moment. Now, we might have further questions for you as the investigation progresses but for now you are free to go miss Delore.” He then added before slowly getting up and moving towards the door.

As he turned around the man didn’t see the fleeting expression of mixed surprised and fear that passed on Stephanie’s face when he announced the surprising survival of Mr. Scramberge. But when he turned back towards her she displayed a weak smile as she passed through the doorstep of the interrogation room.

“I’m sorry for the trouble miss, if you need anything officer Jones will take care of you. I wish you a good day.” The older man with greying hair and an equally greying thick mustache said as he saluted her.

“Thank you officer.” She replied before she started to walk towards the exit as a young officer tagged along with her to see if she needed anything.

When she finally got out a few minutes later, a warm cup of coffee in her hands, she sighed heavily. Everything had happened so suddenly, she had to admit she had been scared out of her wits… She finished her hot beverage before putting on her coat and as she threw the plastic cup in the trashcan her eyes turned darker. That idiot director, not even able to die when he got shot, what an annoyance… Oh well, I’ll just have to go talk to him if ever he wakes up, we should be able to understand one another…

No, the one she wanted wasn’t him, he was just a terrified-old-man of a pawn in all this, what she wanted was the one that had caused all this. She wanted The Duck’s head and whatever the cost, she would have it! She would be avenged from the terrible shame he had brought on her and never would she ever forgive him!

To be continued…


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