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Hello to you, dear readers!

As some of you may know (perhaps, I’m not sure), I’ve been writing stories for some time now and a few weeks ago I started to post them here on this fine blog that is Tales of Ore. You may also know that there are a certain number of projects apart from Of Shadow and Feathers and Forging, that I am currently working on and that I also publish from time to time, when I get inspired. What you may not know is that I have plans for Of Shadow and Feathers that I haven’t told you about!

Indeed, as you may have guessed from the title of this post, I have a project to turn Of Shadow and Feathers into a manga, comics or any genre of medium that would resemble a webcomic. This idea has been going through my mind for some time now and it is something I would really be very excited to work on!

I have thought about writing OSAF (short for Of Shadow and Feathers, ’cause the full title is annoying to write all the time) in the form of a manga because I have the scenes in my head and I think the scenario, the setting and the style of the story would make a very good adaptation in a form with images like mangas. I know most of what I want it to be and t look like and what it will become, I just have a teeny weeny problem in realizing this idea… I’m no artist…

I couldn’t draw well for my life. I know how to write, how to write well and how to get better, but drawing is something that has always elluded me… I did a lot of sketched of robots and machines when I was younger and I was proud of myself (I must admit I did made some good drawings) but I was never and still am not good enough to make something like a webcomic on my own.

This is the reason I am currently writing this post, I’m looking for someone (I’m not picky) that would be interested in partnering up with me to make this story into a webcomic (either based on comics or on the manga format). I’m not necessarily looking for someone who’s talent is recognized internet-wise, nor am I looking for someone who expects to be compensated financially for this.

I am an amateur writer and I will stay this way for a long time I think, so I have no way to remunerate you. What I’m offering is the opportunity to collaborate on this project, I’m looking for someone who would be interested by the story itself and who would agree to work with the vision I have of it. But also someone who wants to be an active part of its development, not just the artist that draws what I tell him to draw.

I am not asking him or her to be passionate, but being interested by what one does is always best in a project like this. So, if you are interested by this proposal, if you know someone who might be or if you have any advice to give me on this subject, don’t hesitate to contact me, either directly by commenting on this post or by emailing me. I’m open to any proposal you may have!

I’d just like to have a look at some of your art if you are interested, to see what style of drawing you have! In exchange I can give you the information you might need or want about the story, which you can go and take a look out over here by the way, I’ve already published 7 chapters and am in the process of posting the eighth soon! As I said before, I don’t care if you are a popular artist or not, but if you are interested in working with me, just contact me!

Okay, I think I’ve said about everything I wanted to say. I don’t know what else to add so I’ll leave you at that and go back to my writing. Have a good afternoon and see ya! ;)


3 thoughts on “Writer looking for artist

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