Quotidian n°25 – More like Twenty Five

Oh look, a penny quarter!


Well, what to say about today? Not much, I didn’t write much up ’till now ’cause I spent my whole day doing nothing story-related like the lazy person I am, but I’m gonna get to it in afew minutes though.

Duh, let me reassure you that I still did some things today, I didn’t remain completely veegetative for 13 hours. But I didn’t write, actually maybe few lines here and there but not much more. I mostly spent my time listening to music, doing exercise, reading mangas and watching videos, when I wasn’t working on a report my dad asked me to help him with (have to finish it someday!).

Anyway, I’m really lazy about this quotidian too so I won’t say much, just that I’ll get to my writing after posting this and that I hope chapter 8 of Of Shadow and Feathers (that I almost wrote Of Feathers and Shadow again…) will be out early next week! And, in the meantime, I’ll post a chapter of Forging and perhaps a chapter of somethign else, we’ll see.

So, yeah, I hope you had a great day, time to write, see ya!

PS : Stanley part 8 will be out soon!


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