Stanley – 8


Rated M for mature content.

Previous Chapter

None of this made sense, what the fuck was going on with her life right now?! First she had almost died in a bank robbery the day before, then she had been told that she was the chosen one to fulfill a prophecy by a cat and now she was in a McDonald’s, casually talking about her life with a complete stranger… What had she done wrong for things to spin so much out of control?

She had stayed in the small desert street, standing there, frozen, for a long moment after the cat had finally disappeared, holding the pendant as she stared into something that wasn’t there in front of her. She had tried pinching herself and willing herself to wake up but nothing had worked and she had found herself alone in the street once more with a strange pendant in the shape of a turtle in her hand.

Stephanie had let out a deep sigh before finally deciding to put the necklace in her bag and to go take a coffee and have something to eat at the nearest fast food to try to get the events of the past few hours out of her head. What she did not need was to let herself go crazy with everything else being too much already, no, she had to pull herself together. The first step towards a healthy mind was a healthy body and what better place than a McDonald’s to get a good meal and some refreshing beverages!

She had walked for a few minutes in the agreeable warmth of the early evening as the sun was setting behind the horizon and the first streetlights turned on before arriving in front of the fine yellow and red establishment. Her stomach grumbled lightly as she passed through the door and the delicious smell of fried fries and perfectly cooked meat assaulted her senses, she almost started drooling on the spot.

She walked towards the counter, standing behind the smallest of five lines, and waited for her turn to order some of the extremely satisfying food. The young woman was about to get lost in her thoughts once more, her mind was starting to wander back to the events the previous day, but she was distracted by a whistling sound directed at her. She turned around and noticed a man, rather young, probably in his early thirties, with a neatly trimmed beard and too much gel in his hair and wearing a white T-shirt and a pair of used jeans, was waving at her. He smiled and winked.

Jerk. Was the first thing that popped in her mind as she saw him wink at her with a smug smile. He was one of those proud men that spread themselves to all of their bros the legend of their lady conquests and didn’t know better than to comment on a woman’s appearance before they even tried to process the words they were saying. She was about to look away but somethig strange happened at that moment, she found herself unable to turn around and leave him be, her gaze was somehow attracted towards him and, almost unwilingly, she found herself walking to his table.

“May I offer you a drink gorgeous?” He asked in a low and sexy, although a bit forced, voice.

To be continued…


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