Stanley – 9


Rated M for mature content.

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The fact that a black leather jacket and a helmet were resting on the seat next to him didn’t even surprise her, she would have guessed from miles away that he was the biker genre, not necessarily because he enjoyed it but because it impressed the ladies. Stephanie looked at the man for a second, he wasn’t half bad, a nice face and a well-trained and toned body, but his attitude was not the least bit attractive. Yet she couldn’t help it, she found herself being curious about him. She nodded silently before replying to his offer.

“Yes you may. But I’m warning you pal’, I’m also hungry…” She said. She was inwardly satisfied to see his smile waver, even if it was for a second, before he regained his composure and offered a new and extremely good view of his whiter-than-white teeth.

“Of course babe, whatever you want!” He replied as he tipped and invisible hat. Surely a fedora or a trilby, she thought with an invisible smirk.

“Then I’ll have a large coffee, a large menu with extra fries and a coke please.” She casually demanded as she sat down in front of him, stealing one of his fries from him.

The stranger didn’t reply, he simply nodded and snapped his finger. Almost instantaneously a young employee was at their table, ready to take their order.

“How-?” Started Stephanie, staring wide-eyed at the young woman who was standing before them, but before she could even mouth her question he raised his hand to silence her.

“Would you kindly bring a large menu with extra fries, a large coke and a large coffee?” He asked, smiling seductively at the waitress.

“Yes sir!” The young employee replied, blushing heavily as she turned around and hurried to the counter.

“There is no need to wonder why, it simply because I am me.” He then explained as he turned towards Stephanie.

“Speaking of that.” She started after a moment of silent staring, her eyebrows a little cocked. “Who are you exactly?”

“Ah, interesting question. I could go on for a long time answering this but, to put it simply, je suis Michel Durant.” The blonde man in his thirties replied with his smile and an almost perfect french accent.

“Well, it’s nice to meet you Michel, but I have to tell you, I’m not interested.” As soon as the words came out of her mouth, Stephanie felt as if she would regret them for the rest of her life.

What was happening to her? He was a simplistic macho idiot, how could she even remotely consider being attracted to him even a little?! He must have been pulling some sort of trick… That’s it! She thought as it somehow clicked in her head. Could he also be…? No, impossible! No one would be foolish enough to publicly display their powers like this, even she knew better! But still, how could he have this effect on her and be such an idiotic jerk at the same time? She couldn’t understand it. No, it was the only explanation, he was an alternate

To be continued…


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