Quotidian n°27 – Today we talk about dreams


Don’t dream you life, live your dreams. Or not, ’cause these things are crzay as fuck sometimes…

 So, two days ago I dreamed I was travelling with a crew of dwarves in a post apocaliptic world where zombies ran rampant everywhere and where I was looking for a girl I liked in the northern parts of the United States.

Today I dreamed I was in a world infested with zombies too and that I was trying to survive with a crew of people and we were all trying to understand what was going on and to protect ourselves from the undead.

Am I okay? I don’t know, but these dreams sure were a hella fun to be part of!

I don’t remember much from the first one but the one from this morning is more clear. I was with a group of friends from highschool (that I didn’t know but they were my friends in the dream) and there were some adults with us, some soldiers too I think. We had a camp with survivors in an old factory/laboratory and we were exploring to find ressources and new ways to defend ourselves against the zombies.

It felt so real it was almost scary, but at the same time I kind of remembered having had this dream before so it was like I was replaying a game I had already played, it was weird but a bit fun. We were trying to find a cure for the zombies and to understand what had happened, there was a whole lot of weird things like running inthe sewers, getting chased by undeads in the factory, finding out clues in the laboratory and trying to keep the small community from breaking apart.

I don’t know how long it lasted exactly in my dream but I’d say it was about a week or so. I also did a few awesome things like shooting guns, parkour and leading assaults on zombies, ’cause yeah, we were all soldiers a bit. In the end I was trying to protect the people of the community against the zombies with the helps of my group of friends, a few of them died at that moment and we were only five together during the end of it. (Not only five survivors but we got separated)

We found out some sor of secret building underground that we could access by the sewers and we went in, that’s when we got attacked by other zombies and other things. When we finally got out there were some sort of spies/secret agent-like people out there trying to kill us and they sort of sommanded the dog-like creatures that were trying to kill us too. That’s when we understood that after the “apocalypse”, that had somehow been started on american soil, Russian scientists had discovered a way to create real demons and they had “made” these dog-like things to take the advantage over the world.

And now that we were discovering that they tried to kill us, I woke up as I was standing on top of a small hill right over the sewers with two or three of my friends and the dogs were running towards. It all clicked like in a film before going black, then I was awake. It was awesome and scary at the same time. That’s why I love those kinds of dreams, I really hope that I’ll have others as interesting during my future nights.

Anyway, I really wanted to tell it to you ’cause it was cool. I have the feeling I already had that dream though, this happens to me sometimes, it’s like re-watching a movie or re-playing a game, I already vaguely know how it’s going to go down so I know what to do and I try different things sometimes. I don’t always remember them, and that’s a bit sad sometimes, but when I do it’s usually really cool! Now, don’t go asking me why I dream about that I really don’t know…

Do you have any dreams that you enjoy having? What do you remember of them?


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