Stanley – 10


Rated M for mature content.

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Well, it doesn’t matter… She thought, repressing a loud sigh. It’s not like he knows about me and I certainly won’t be the one to tell about him.

“Oh mais, how can you say that as bluntly?! You are indeed one cold beauty!” Michel exclaimed with a chuckle as he sipped a bit of his beer, drinking from the green glass bottle with a straw. “I must admit I was hitting on you a bit, the reason I wanted to talk to you is because you are one hell of a sey lady. But it does not matter du tout. So, anyways, why are you here, is such a fine establishment at such an hour and, what’s more, all alone?” He asked with a smile as he put down his bottle on the table.

Stephanie looked at him for a moment, wondering if she should tell him about what had happened to her that had made her come here, he didn’t know her after all and it could be good to talk to someone. But was it worth it? Was it really wise to trust a complete stranger with her unbelievably crazy story? Strangely, the answer that came to her almost immediately was yes. Perhaps it wasn’t safe, if he thought she was crazy then so be it, it wasn’t a big loss. But if he ever found out about her other secret then it would be really, really bad… However, despite her worries she found herself completely enthralled by Michel Durant’s presence and, even is it was indeed due to him being an alternate, she was willing to let herself be swept in. Plus, if ever she had to, she could always use this fact against him too.

“It’s a long story…” She replied with a sigh.

It was a test, to see if he was really interested by what she had to say or if he just wanted to do small talk to increase his chances to ‘get in her pants’. Surprisingly he put down his beer and crossed his arms before leaning in with interest. Stephanie refrained a smile, perhaps he wasn’t as shallow as he seemed… No! Keep your cool, don’t get swept in too much! She exclaimed inwardly, straining herself not to also lean in.

“Well, it all started yesterday…” She began before quickly relating the events of the previous day and the extremely weird apparition she had then witnessed that day. While she was telling him about her time spent in the interrogation room with the police officer the young woman who had taken her order came back to her table with a large plate and gave it to Stephanie without even looking at her, but giggling as the man in his thirties winked at her and blew her a kiss. She then proceeded to walk back to the counter one last time, hopping like a highschool girl whose crush would have finally asked her to prom.

“And after I took the strange pendant I simply walked without knowing where I was going and I ended up here… I needed a strong coffee!” She finished with difficulty as her mouth was half full with her fries.

To be continued…


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