Quotidian n°28 – I like turtles

“War! Wartortle!” – A Wartortle yelling at a Charizard to go f*** himself.

So what is new today?

Well, first off there is the new Stanley chapter, number eleven already! Yep, Stephanie and Michel are still in the gastronomical restaurant and they converse about the meaning of life while drinking to the large part of their lives still ahead of themselves. Or not. Or yes. Or perhaps bananas! It’s up to you to see.

Other than that, well, not much, I haven’t been very prolific today, been playing a lot of Minecraft, I’ve been trying to play with my younger brother on a server that I wanted to host but I haven’t been able to find how to really make it work up ’till now so, awesome…

Also been watching Zerator’s videos (you know, the French streamer I told you about a few days ago?) and laughing at his funnyness, no, at his hilariousness, yeah, that’s more like it. I watched some of Jackasks’s, it was funny and I have to watch some more later!

I’ve discovered, or re discovered should I say, another French Youtuber, whose name eludes me at the present time and who I have to find again later to watch some more of his videos because he is hilarious. Basically he does short five minutes completely what the fuck stupidly but hilariously dubbed summaries of popular movies and it’s hilarious. (Yeah, I already said that but who cares?!)

Anyways, he is really funny and fun to watch, I’ll try to put a link in the near future so you can go check him out. Sadly for you he does his videos in French so, might be a problem for some of you… Anyways, you’ll see it’s up to you, my dear readers, after all.

On another hand, I’ve also learned that patience is a great virtue when you want to do some things by trying and failing twice in a row yesterday evening and this morning. I really have to take things more slowly, I have trouble doing that… But I’ve learned my lesson and now, after waiting a few days to retry, I’ll really tae my time and succeed this time, I’ll make it without any more mistakes (which were really basic if you ask me, I was so stupid I didn’t even think of stopping myself from doing them… -_-‘)

Anyway, not a very busy day, I had time to laze around and to some exercise, twice a 1000 meters on a rowing machine (I was exhausted after that, but I’m getting better at it though) so I did have some spare time. I also found an awesome ‘one take clip’ for a cover of Maroon 5 I believe that you have to go watch if you haven’t already, the song is cool, the cover is very nice and the clip is… wow, just wow, very good, much like, so doge! Uh, what? Damn, I’m too tired for this now…

Here is the clip, enjoy and see you next time folks! ;)


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