Stanley – 11


Rated M for mature content.

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“Wow, that is en effet a strange tale you are telling me about young lady!” Michel exclaimed as he whistled admiratively.

“Yeah, it is… You must think I’m crazy now…” Replied Stephanie with an uneasy smile as she gobbled down the last bit of her large burger and took a sip of her drink to ease the swallowing of her food.

The man looked at her for a moment, it seemed like an eternity to Stephanie, before he finally smiled.

“Nah, I can’t say I believe you but a gorgeous young woman like you can’t be crazy.” He said with a wink. “You were probably really exhausted and you thought you saw things that weren’t there today, it happens sometimes. Plus you wouldn’t know what I choose to believe in and what I don’t…” He added mysteriously.

“Yeah, thank you for listening to me at least, I didn’t know what to think anymore.” She replied, nervously tucking at the pocket that contained the pendant, she didn’t know if showing to him the proof that it had really happened was a wise choice.

She hesitated for a moment before deciding against it, she didn’t want to attract any unwanted attention after all, she had already been through enough for an entire life in these two short days… Plus, she didn’t know if she could trust that mysterious stranger yet, maybe he was just trying to get to know her because he was part of the government.

“So, what do you believe in exactly?” She asked in turn, preferring to guide the conversation back to him.

“Well, in man things.” He started, looking away as if he was trying to put some order in his thoughts before answering. “I believe in god for example, not just the religious belief but the ‘there is someone, somewhere that has the power to influence things as he wishes’ and who maybe created the universe’, I also believe in supernatural occurrences even if I don’t have definite proof, I believe in aliens, in conspiracy theories and all that crap, but most of all I believe in myself and in what I know and think.”

As he finished talking, Stephanie didn’t quite know how to react. Once again she found herself under the charm of a man who looked like an extremely full of himself biker fused with an idiot rebel with no conviction but was in fact a lot deeper than that in his thoughts. Damn it! She cursed, he’s really good!

She had to find a way either to get out and escape his sexy clutches or to mae sure he was someone who she could trust because there weren’t many trustworthy people out there in her opinion. She was about to ask him more about himself when he cut her off.

“I’m really enjoying talking with you Stephanie, almost as much as I enjoy admiring you, but I have to ask : would you like to go back to my place, I am unable to get the image your hot naked body gliding against mine out of my head and I can’t stop myself from asking you if you would help me get rid of it once and for all?”

“So…” Started Stephanie as she processed what he had just asked her. “You want to go back to your place and have sex?”

“Yes my dear.” He replied confidently.

“Okay!” Immediately responded the young woman without even a second to think twice.

She couldn’t get rid of this stupid but mysterious feeling of attraction towards him so perhaps shagging her brains out with Michel Durant for a night would do the trick! She at least had to try.

To be continued…


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