Quotidian n°29 – Back from the dead


I’m on a highway from hell, duh duh duh! Highway from hell!


I am back, in black… (Haha, I’m so funny!)

Yes, I’m still alive and kicking after almost three days of no posting at all! What might be the reason to all that? Well I got a bit overwhelmed by all the stuff I had to do : finalizing my registration for school next year, preparing the visit of said school yesterday and going to visit it. I had a bit too much on my hands to take time and write during the last days and I apologize for that.

Plus, as I do not anticipate things very much I hadn’t prepared anything that I could post automatically, not a Quotidian, a Stanley nor any other stories, hence the total absence of posts. But now I am back and ready to write, I’ve got a few new ideas and a good bag of motivation to use so I may be quite productive during the next few days! (Yes, partly to apologize but because I have inspiration)

So, today, nothing new online yet. There will be a chapter of Stanley later in the evening but apart from that not much. Tomorrow I’ll upload a chapter of The Hero’s Mask : Forging, I really want to get on with the story lately! The new thing I’ve been thinking about is sort of a mix between the TV series The Blacklist, Supernatural and The Mentalist, with a bad guy as the main character who agrees to work with the police to solve crimes or mysteries (I’m not telling more than that) in exchange for things (yeah, it’s vague but if I say more I’ll give too much of the plot out). It may seem very familiar and overdone but I have a really good idea to make it a lot more interesting, plus I have such a big twist in mind for the end of the first part! If I decide to write it one day it’s gonna be awesome!

Anyway, that’s it for what I have done in the writing department in the last three days, I didn’t spend much time focusing on my stories but I did do some pretty cool things!

I went to see Cinderella with my girlfriend for example. Yeah, a Disney. So what, I said so before, I’m a hopeless romantic! Plus I actually enjoyed the movie, the story was almost exactly the same as the animated one and the dialogues were often cheesy as Camembert (Fromage français représente!) but it was really cool and visually beautiful! Ella is really too good for her own good, her step sisters are hilariously stupid and her step mother is wickedly evil but a lot more attractive than in the animated original.

I also started watching Banshee, a show about a bad guy who becomes sherif after getting out of prison. I can tell you his efficiency at dealing with criminals and his Rambo-like methods are really fun to watch, plus the plot is cool and it’s well made! A bit violent, I have to admit and the shaky camera during the chases is not always the best idea, but overall it’s really a good show and I’ll be sure to start season 2 asap!

My great regret of the week will be to not have been there to witness the April’s Fool jokes all around the internet. I haven’t even been able to pull one myself, I didn’t have the time nor the imagination to think of one, how horrible… At least I saw Google’s Pac Man Maps, that was cool, even if I was so rushed I didn’t even have time to enjoy it. This happens almost every year, why can’t I have an April 1st where I can pull off an awesome prank…? *sad* I hope you enjoyed pulling pranks on others or being pranked, or both! Next year will be my year, mwahahahahaha!

Now, I have to get back to writing, Stanley part 12 isn’t gonna publish itself!

See ya people!

PS: I know I promised a chapter of Of Shadow and Feathers last monday but I still haven’t gotten around to writing it yet, I’ll try my best to get it out asap too!

PPS: Here is a song by One Direction (or should I say Two Directions since Zayne left…? Ok, I’m out, not a funny joke. Well…) that I quite enjoy. I’m usually a fan of most of the pop songs out there  so there was bound to be a time when I would like another 1D song… (Yes, I like The Song Ever… Yes, I know…) Well here it is, enjoy!


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