Stanley 12


Rated M for mature content.

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They had been lying one the bed for a few hours, Stephanie on her back and Michel beside her, his head nestled between her round and perky breasts, when the young woman woke up. The first two things that struck her was the warmth of the sun on her face and the sticky sensation mixed with the tingly feeling of Michel’s body hair on her own skin. What a mess they had made the previous night… Now, the only question that was present in her mind was this : had it been worth it?

She heard her partner of the night snore and moan lightly as she rubbed her eyes to accustom herself to the brightness of the room. As she moved her arm she felt an echo of the waves of pleasure that had coursed through her body and mind the previous night and felt her insides tingle with delight. Well, at least there’s no denying it, she thought. It had been awesome, the young woman couldn’t remember the last time she had experienced anything so grand and literally breathtaking in her life. She had been unable to think straight for the long hours their body had endlessly intertwined with passion.

Michel Durant. He may be a bit macho, quite strange and sometimes stupid but he also was at least as good in bed as he was mysteriously charming, if not way more. She decided that she may come to regret the decision to have had sex with him in the future, but never the sex itself, it was a feeling she would yearn to feel again for her whole life she was sure of it. Slowly the young woman pushed his face of her chest, swatting away the thin line of drool that ran around her almost perfect forms and wiped her humid hand on the sheets. She got out of bed and looked around, discovering the man’s apartment for the first time as she hadn’t paid much attention the previous evening.

It was spacious, white and furnished in modern Ikean furniture. Though it could’ve been made even more agreeable and lively with a few more books or objects to liven the scene a bit and less abstract paintings and trophies, it was cozy and felt like its proprietor. She walked to the kitchen, two rooms further, and made herself a cup of black coffee with just a little bit of sugar. Stephanie leaned against the counter, sipping her hot beverage silently as she let her thoughts run around. She was still half-naked, only wearing a white shirt that she had found near her source of pleasure’s wardrobe in his room without anything under.

Her mind went back to the day of the robbery, she could picture the seen as clearly as if it was happening to her again, the fear, the shame, the humiliation he had made her go through. That bastard! She thought as Michel snored a bit louder in his sleep. She looked up and saw him turning around in his bed across the hallway, still sleeping deeply, and a thought popped in her mind. Perhaps he could be of some use after all, she thought with a smile, well other than what I’ve already used him for at least…

To be continued…


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