Quotidian n°30 – When in doubt, throw the banana

What is the meaning of life? Love, Internet, Food, Emma Watson. (Yeah, that’s not just one word but f*ck it!)

Soooo what is going on in my life today? Weeeell not much…

Today I went on a little biking trip and I realized that despite having started to get back in shape a bit I’m not that in shape, I was really exhausted when I got there, it was all uphill too so it didn’t help. But I made it to my destination and I was happy about that! When I came back home it was easier, it was mostly downhill so I didn’t have to tire myself too much. I think I’ll do it again soon because I don’t want to become old and unable to do at least a bit of sports!

Other than that I didn’t do much except reading, writing and watching videos on the internets. I wasn’t in such a good mood today, the weather was not that great so it depressed me a bit, apparently it should get better as the weekend goes, I do hope it’s true!

Anyway, today on Tales of Ore I posted a few things. Firstly the twelfth part of the Stanley Serial that should have been online a few days ago already. This is where Stephanie’s plan starts budding in her mind and where she starts to begin to put in action the first steps of that plan. To sum it up she is planning to fuck shit up and fuck it up good!

I also posted the seventh chapter of Forging, which introduces a bit more to Maximilian’s powers and his questions about it. In the next chapters he is going to learn a bit more about it and the different sub plots that I have barely introduced will also start moving and make the story a bit more interesting I hope!

Lastly I did post a short story I thought of a few days ago and that I wrote in a matter of an hour or two, I don’t really know where it came from or why but I felt really inspired while I was writing it so, I hope you enjoy It’s hot down under (nope, no relation with the great country of Australia if you know what I mean…).

So, other than that, not much. I’ve been watching Banshee lately, I left One Tree Hill on the side for the moment, and I’m really enjoying this show, it’s fun! A bit violent but fun to watch, plus I’m rooting for my OTP and they are starting to get together so, yay!

Finally I wanted to thank all of you who take the time to come take a look at my blog and to read my stories, thank you for the likes and the visits, it means a lot to know that there are people who enjoy my works! I reached 50 likes this evening and I’m really happy about it, thank you! :D

That’s all for today folks, I’ll see you later! ;)

Edit: Dang! Completely forgot to post this yesterday, I had it all ready and all but I forgot… Omega good job myself! -_-‘


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