Stanley 13


Rated M for mature content.

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Stephanie decided to make something to eat for herself and her new ‘friend’, she opened the many drawers and cupboards in the spacious kitchen before finally finding what she was looking for : eggs, bacon and grated cheese. She quickly and expertly put some oil in a large pan before adding the eggs and the bacon cut into bits with a topping of cheese and stirred it as the mixture started to sizzle to create a delicious looking ‘omelette du fromage’ as her cooking teacher had once showed her. She set up the flatware on the table and made sure to pour drinks in the glasses before turning around to call Michel and wake him up.

To her surprise, and as if the simple smell of delicious food cooking sufficed to wake him up, Michel was already up and coming towards her as she looked in his direction. He was still, and only, wearing his black boxer shorts from the night before, for which Stephanie couldn’t be angry as she stared at the toned abs and the very sexy layer of body hair that gave such a manly air to his torso. He passed a hand in his hair as he walked in the kitchen, looking at her with a slightly tired and slightly surprised look.

“Well hello there gorgeous.” He greeted her with a smile, his voice a bit gravely from waking not long before. “What are you cooking?”

How does he do that?! Thought Stephanie, struggling to keep her grip on the pan and her mouth from staying open wider and longer than necessary, as she felt her ovaries vibrate at the mere sound of his voice. I’ll have to tell him to stop, it’s not something he should be using all the time, she mentally told herself. It’s wrong. But it’s sooo good… She bit her lip to get back her self-control and shot him a sweet smile.

“Hey you! I’m cooking an omelette with some bacon and cheese, I hope you like.” She replied as she served herself and put the now empty pan in the sink.

“Mmmmh, smells good! I adore omelette!” He exclaimed as he sat down and downed the glass of orange juice the young woman had poured him.

He started devouring the content of his plate before looking back up at her.

“It’s delicious, thank you beautiful demoiselle.” He complimented Stephanie.

The young woman thought about replying that her name was Stephanie and not gorgeous or beautiful but she decided against it, however macho he could be she could use him, she needed to be patient with him. She simply thanked him with a smile, waiting for the good opportunity to approach the subject. The young woman saw some of the still slightly runny omelette fall in the man’s neatly trimmed beard and jumped on the opportunity.

“Here! Let me.” She exclaimed as he was about to brush it off with the back of his hand.

The young woman took her napkin and gently wiped the white and yellow source of proteins before sitting down again

To be continued…


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