Stanley 14


Rated M for mature content.

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“There, that’s better.” She added as she sat back in her chair.

He gave her a simple but extremely-difficult-not-to-sigh-dreamily-at smile and Stephanie felt her nether regions become humid again. Damn it! I have to get him to stop doing that, it’s not good for my health! Why do I keep reacting like that by the way? I really don’t get it…

“You are truly a unique woman Stephanie.” He said as he suddenly stood up and walked towards the other side of the room before opening a cupboard.

“How so?” Replied the young woman.

“Usually, when I bring back a gorgeous lady they can’t keep their hands off me. It’s really flattering but it can also be annoying at some times, but you don’t, I find it surprising but also quite agreeable.” He explained, his back completely turned towards her, totally exposed and muscled and toned… No! Stop doing that brain!

“You’re seriously saying you are so desirable that it becomes annoying?” Asked Stephanie in a sarcastic tone, slightly irritated by his nerve and the fact that he had this effect on her.

“Oh, no, I don’t mean I don’t enjoy the attention, au contraire! But it can be, ah, a bit too much at times…” He replied, turning around with a bottle of wine in his hand. “Let us have a more appropriate drink.” He added as he walked back to the table and poured her a glass of the red liquid.

He really is full of himself, she thought as she sighed inwardly, but I can use that.

“And this is natural for you?” She asked, deciding to poke at him and at his strange seductive aura.

“What would you mean by that, ma chère?” He asked slightly confused.

“I mean, this effect you have on women, is it just you or…?” She left the question open to incite him to walk into it by himself.

“Oh, je vois. You mean that you think I might be a, what do they call them again? One of those ‘alternates’?” He replied calmly as he took another bite of his omelette.

Stephanie felt the color momentarily drain out of her cheeks. What had he done? Did he know how dangerous it was to talk about that? Or was he one of them? Those people working for the government that hunted those who had strange abilities? She managed to calm herself down quickly and to regain her composure but she couldn’t help being impressed by his calm.

“Why? Are you?” She asked with a smile.

He squinted his eyes slightly as he looked at her and seemed to scrutinize her mind for a long moment, moment during which the young woman felt extremely uneasy and vulnerable, before finally sitting back and smiling gently.

“Perhaps I am, perhaps not. What is it to you?”

“Nothing, I was just wondering, that’s all…” She replied, trying to sound as relaxed as he was as she took a sip of her wine.

To be continued…


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