Quotidian n°32 – Day 86, they still suspect nothing…



As my hunger is getting more and more intense every hour that passes I am forced to survive off of the few crumbs that are left, they left me nothing, I am stranded here, completely alone, under the pouring rain and without any Wi-Fi. Please, if you receive this message it might already be too late, but still try to come and save me, who knows… If it is too late, tell my family I love them. Except my brother, he can go to hell. I leave this world in peace…

Ps : Tell Jerry to delete my ‘back up drive’, or at least give it to him as my legacy, he’ll know what to do with it.

So, yeah, I’m really really really tired tonight, I wanna go to sleep immediately… I did a bit of exercise today and my body has been weak and aching ever since. I know it’s a sign I need to do it more regularly, which I do since a few weeks now, and that I am on the way to getting back in shape. But I’m also mentally exhausted, I have to go to sleep, I think I’m gonna lie in my bed and snore like a baby until late in the morning if I don’t go now… I can almost hear the voice of my bed calling.

Anyway, today I posted the eighth chapter of Forging, something completely stupid and with no more meaning than it has use and part 15 of Stanley, which you can enjoy reading here, or here or even here! (Yeah, I’m tired, sorry for the lame humour and jokes…)

Apart from that not much, I did watch some Vine compilations today, they’re so funny I can’t get enough! Curtis Lepore, Brittany Furlan, Lele Pons, King Bach, Thomas Sanders, David Lopez, Jerome Jarre and many more! Go check them out if you don’t know them,it’s hilarious!

Okay, I’m done for the day, see you later people, have a good night or day or morning, or evening or whatever you call the moment you are reading this. See ya:

Ps : Might watch one episode of Banshee before going to bed but that will be all…


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