Quotidian n°33 – Dites trente-trois !

“Hey, what do you say to an idiot to make him think?” “What?” “Thirty three…” “Huh? Why…?”

How are you doing today people?!

Me, I’m doin’ good! The weather is awesome and it’s really enjoyable to be alive for once!

I haven’t been very productive today, spent most of my free time watching vine compilations again and game streams or reading fanfiction. It was cool but I haven’t written a lot because of that, though I did laugh. The good news is that I’m working quite well on my stories recently so the chapters should come soon and regularly, the bad news is that it won’t happen until the end of the week or even until next week…

Why? I hear you cry out in despair. Well because tonight I’m going away for two days and I won’t be back until late thursday evening or early friday morning so until then, even if I manage to write anything  at all (which I will try to do), I won’t be able to publish things until I get back home so, yeah, no posts until my grand return… Yeah, I’m sad too you know, no more of my greatness for the next 72 hours, oh how sad the world will be, I almost cannot even bear it…

Anyway, today I posted Stanley part 16, where Stephanie starts to put her plan into motion (after a bit of fooling around again). I hope you enjoy reading the (very) short chapters of this serial even if it seems a bit stupid and childish because this won’t change, that is how I want to write it and I really hope the result is as weird and funny as what I had in mind when I started to think about it! Oh, about that, and interesting fact that I haven’t told you before but that is important to mention I think (I’ll have to add it to the description of the story later) : I wasn’t the only one to think imagine that story, actually the idea of Stanley (which didn’t have a name at the time) came during classes when I was in my first year of university.

Me and a friend had these lengthy discussions about the ideas and stories we were writing or thinking of writing, we exchanged point of views and tips about how the plots sounded and what could be improved or what was already awesome. We spent full hours doing only that and laughing as we imagined ideas that were completely stupid or really awesome. And during a few of these hours we imagined a story about a sexy and lusty young woman trying to get revenge for a stupid reason (which I’m not going to tell you because it’s important for the plot even if it’s idiotic) against a bad guy with a stupid name (The Duck here, you’ll understand later) and using a guy who is a bit of an idiot to get what she wanted. (Yes, that’s Michel Durant, he may seem not so stupid now but in the first drafts he was really really dumb, trust me…)

Anyway, we had great laughs about these plotsand I hope one day we’ll be able to have laughs like that again and that I’ll be able to show him what I have done with this story, hopefully he’ll like it! (Yeah, we don’t see each other that often anymore but when we do it’s still fun!)

So, from tonight on and until friday (maybe earlier, I don’t know) no more posts, I hope you’ll survive during these dark moments without me, I wish you the best! *waves a tissue with tears in his eyes*

See ya people! :)


Here is a compilation of Vines by Lele Pons that made me laugh for twenty minutes straight! x)


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