Quotidian n°34 – Do not fear for I have returned!

“I will be Bach…” – Ludwig Van Beethoven just after discovering his passion.


And I’m back, just as the title says!

Yep, after more than 72 hours of absence I have finally returned from my tiresome and not-as-hot-as-expected (which was good thing) journey. After twelve long hours of driving to get there and another twelve hours to come back I am finally home. Well actually I came back yesterday evening but I didn’t hae the time to post anything since I was expected by my girlfriend and, as you may understand, it was extremely important to be there!

Anyway, I’m happy to be home, it’s good to be able to laze around all day and to sleep in a nice bed, I’ll try to work on my stories starting tomorrow and to post another chapter as soon as possible. Today, or should I say tonight for me, though, you will only have the new chapter of Stanley and this Quotidian I think because I’m too tired and unmotivated to do much more but I’ll get back to it as soon as I wake up tomorrow, promise!

When I got home today and when I started the computer I noticed that despite not having been gone long I have a lot of things to catch up on, ZeratoR’s channel (’cause I watch his videos almost everyday), the mangas I read, the posts of the people I follow, the stories I read online and a lot of memes I missed on Memecenter, so that’s part of the reason I’m not posting much today. I’ve already caught up on the manga part I think, I’ll do a bit of ZeratoR and Memecenter later, and that is what I want to talk about next.

Do any of you follow One Piece? You know, the masterpiece by Eiichiro Oda. Yeah, with the elastic guy and the stupid jokes, that one. It’s awesome isn’t it?! Well today it got even more awesome for me as I finished chapter, uh, what was it again, 783 I think? Anyways, that’s not the point. The point is that in a lot of the stories I’ve read so far, and especially in OP, there is always a point where you are into it and reading gets a lot better and you get to a part where you’re like : “OMAGAD WUT?! WTF?!! WOW!!! *drool*” and you almost have a seizure because the story’s just become even more awesome than what it was!

Well, after learning of Ace and Luffy’s parentage, seeing him fight with OP (over powered, not One Piece you idiot!) skillz, defeating enemies and participating in battles of increasing scale you enjoy discovering the little mysteries of the story and to be surprised by things even more, I can’t have enough of those moments where I’m like :O in front of my screen, and I freeze for a few seconds before yelling and dancing in excitement. And today was one of these moments. We learned that our dear friend had learned a new move, which had been theorized by fans and was somewhat expected but the way it was introduced made it epically epic!!!

Okay, so yeah, I’m totally fangirling (or is it fanboying for me?) about this but unless you’ve experienced it (with Game of Thrones it happens a lot, you know, those moments where you’re glued to your couch? Yeah, those. Well it’s basically the same thing with the other stories I’m talking about, including OP [yup, One Piece this time. What, you want a cookie for getting it right this time?! Dumbass…]). But when you do, well, kyaaaaaaa! It’s awesome.

Anyways, the point I wanted to get to was that what I experience sometimes with stories, all that excitement and emotions, is something I want and try to share with you in my own stories, in my writing. I want to write something really awesome that make the reader want to scream, and shout and yell it all out, and scream and shout and- ahem, sorry, got a bit lost there. So, yeah, Basically my point is : I want to write stories that have moments like these in them, that is my dream as an avid reader!

Well, that’s all for today folks, I hope you’ve spent these last few days with happiness and fun and I hope that it will keep being fun and joyous in the future! Look out for the Stanley chapter of today and I’ll see you later, bye!


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