Stanley 17


Rated M for mature content.

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Two hours later, as noon was almost upon the city, they finally lied down in the hot water of the tub on top of each other, each enjoying the hot water and the feeling of the other on their skins.

“Haaa, this is nice…” Said Michel with a contempt smile.

“Uhuh…” Grunted Stephanie as a reply, unable to form complete words or sentences since she had ended on top of the hallway shelf, panting and sweating from the incredibly pleasant coordinated exercise.

After almost half an hour in the bath spent simply relishing the hot water and listening to the distant sound of cars in the background the bearded man finally spoke again.

“So my dear, what did you have in mind to achieve your goal?” Stephanie turned around to look at him, slightly surprised as he said so.

“So, you’re really going to help me?” She asked.

“Why yes ma chère! It is, after all, the will of the prophecy! Plus I may be a bit self-centered, de temps en temps, but I never turn down a friend in need of my assistance!” He replied with a proud smile.

“Wow, thank you Michel!” She replied as she stroked lightly his wet torso hair. “Well, I do have an idea about what I’m going to do to him once I get that bastard but the first thing I need is to find him and I have no idea where to start…”

Michel didn’t reply immediately, he seemed to be deep in thoughts as she turned around again to look at his face. They stayed like this for a moment, the seconds passing by as the man was apparently mentally listing their options and Stephanie simply watching the small wrinkles of his forehead, almost seeing the gears turn in his mind.

“Eh bien, if you say this criminal, The Duck, is quite famous, perhaps there would be some information about him somewhere?” He finally offered, more in the form of an interrogation than as an official piece of advice.

Stephanie mulled over his words in silence, having thought about that but looking at this option once more. Where could there be something about him? The police? Surely but they would never divulge anything to her. The media? Probably but whatever they had they would keep to themselves. Where then? That’s when it hit her. Of course! She thought as she hit her palm with a closed fist. If there was anywhere to look it was there!

The only place where conspiracy theories could grow in popularity overnight, the place where videos of murders were as popular as videos of cute kittens, the only place where a picture could be photoshopped and reused thousands of times in situations more and more stupid than the original purpose. The place where anything was possible : the fearsome kingdoms of The Internet!

To be continued…

Dang it ! I just realized I hadn’t posted this earlier (by earlier I mean yesterday…) so please forgive me, here it is!
The next part is coming soon after!


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