Quotidian n°35 – Better late than never


Mieux vaut tard que jamais! Vieux motard que j’aimais!


So, uh, yeah. I’m late again in posting this…

Yesterday I said I would post two Stanley chapters but I only posted one, the other stayed in my Drafts and this Quotidian, which should have also been published yesterday, only arrives today because I completely forgot I hadn’t written one… So, yeah, I’m sorry about that. To compensate, once again there will be two posts of Stanley today, number 18 has been posted a few minutes ago, and number 19 will be there during the day. Also there will be two Quotidians because I had things to say yesterday, which I will tell you about here, and I’m sure I’ll have things to say about today too! So let’s get on with this!

Yesterday I posted the ninth chapter of Forging which sort of introduces the solving of the mystery of the strange box Maximillian received from his late father. You’ll discover what it is all about when the time comes, meanwhile I can only tell you that it should become more interesting very soon, I’d say in one or two chapters, you’ll see!

I also published the part 17 of Stanley, which is followed only today by part 18, and where Stephanie and Michel start thinking about how they are going to accomplish their quest given by the black cat in the dark alley. I hope you enjoy the story and I wish you a good time spent reading the few chapters! Oh, I will also regroup them in bigger parts soon, instead of only offering the possibility to read each short chapter by itself they will be condensed in larger chapters, like five chapters in one, that seems alright doesn’t it? Of course I’ll leave the original ones out there too!

So, what else did I want to talk about yesterday?

Well for one I got extremely lucky and a bet I made on the internet (yes I know it’s bad to bet in general but I was confident I could make something out of that one) turned out great, I won a bit of money from what I already had and I was really happy about it! I might try again sometime, though I don’t want to waste money out there.

Also I watched the first episode of Game of Thrones and it was really cool! I was sad about a few of the deaths in it (not gonna spoil it, don’t worry) and it wasn’t as awesome as the last ones of season four, but that is to be expected, the hype has to build up again! It was still great though, I’m really happy to see this awesome series finally come back! :D

Now, I also learned that there were episodes that leaked on the internet, the first four as I heard. I know that many people are going to watch them and I don’t condemn that, it’s just so hard to wait a week before knowing what happens next, but I’m not. I’m not for a few reasons, the first is that of course they have been pirated. I know I do that some times myself but I respect this series too much to give in to that? Secondly the quality is not as good as it usually is, which means the beautiful images and sceneries in the series will be a bit wasted on it and I don’t want that. Lastly it would make me have to wait four weeks before watching the next new episode and watching one a week seems much more bearable so that’s why I won’t touch the four that have been posted on the internet like this.

I don’t know if I will be able to hold on to my word for four weeks but I will try my hardest in respect to that awesome show! The hardest part though will be to avoid eventual spoilers that might pop up in these four weeks, I’ll have to keep my head down and my ears blocked against any word about the episodes 2, 3 and 4 until I’ve watched them. Dang it’s gonna be stressful…

Anyways, that was all for yesterday, more about today later during the day! ;)


To those who still haven’t watched the first one here is something that has nothing to do with GoT, a music group that I discovered recently and that is really awesome : The Red Hot Chili Pippers!


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