Stanley 18


Rated M for mature content.

Previous Chapter

“I got it!” She exclaimed, a huge smile on her face as she suddenly stood up in the bath, forcing Michel to quickly move aside so as not to be crushed.

“Really?” He asked, surprised.

“Yeah, I know how to find him!” Stephanie added as she was about to step out of the batch and run off to her computer.

“Wait!” Exclaimed the man in his thirties before she could do so. “You’ll catch a cold.” He added when she looked at him with curiosity.

He then extended his arm and after concentrating half a second and the young woman saw a towel rise from the ground on the other side of the room, it’s weight seemingly supported by a small paper label that indicated the washing methods and the components of the towel itself. It then jumped towards Stephanie and she couldn’t help but laugh as it hit her in the head.

“Sorry…” Apologized Michel as he also got up. “But it’ll be better if you can dry up before you go out.”

“Thanks Michel!” She replied with a smiled as she gave him a peck on the cheek before stepping out of the shower.

The bearded man watched do so, admiring her curved body as she slowly and gently rubbed her skin to get rid of the moisture that was still pearling on it, he realized after a few seconds that he was standing there agape at the young woman’s movements. He shook his head slightly and was about to step out of the bathtub too when she presented a towel to him.

“Here.” She simply said with a small smile.

“Merci!” He replied as he took it, noticing she had used the towel to hold and dry her hair which meant she still had nothing to cover the rest of her body.

He felt a slight tug at the towel from his crotch but, surprisingly, for once in his life decided it was more important to help the young woman than to jump on her and make foolish and passionate love to her and her body. Que ce passe-t-il? Might I be transforming into a gentleman? He chuckled inwardly. Usually he would never have done that but in that moment helping Stephanie reach her goal seemed more important. Oh well, peu importe. He also stepped out of the tub and followed her out of the bathroom after having dried himself.

“So, how are you…?” He started to ask when he found her on the computer. “Oh…” He simply added as he realized it was indeed a good idea to look on the internet for something like that.

“Good idea!” He added with a smile as he went in the kitchen to get a glass of orange juice.

“I know right! If he is somewhat popular there is bound to be some rumors about him out there and our friend Google would know about it I hope!”

“Surement!” Replied Michel as he drank his juice before putting the glass in the sink.

To be continued…


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